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New Cell Phone

No description

Ruby Burgess

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of New Cell Phone

Our Cell Phone New Cell Phone Invention C D & E G & H Smaller/Bigger Faster Durable More reliable Better camera Customizable Human-Friendly A & B Not-Confusing .Internet/3G is slow .pictures come out blurry-zoom in .upgrade-slow .apps- long to download .apps- viruses .has glitches .heavy .freezes .apps/pictures/videos take
up a lot of space Toriana Jessie & Ruby A AA A B Alike:
. camera
. touch screen
. listen to music
. download apps
. easy to use
. has glitches
. connect to Internet Different:
. faster
. dies quickly
. hold more
pictures Samsung:
. lighter (weight)
. keyboard
. more durable D Our cell phone will be...
. smaller- easy to hold
. work faster- not waiting so long
. customizable- people like to design their own phone
. better camera- most people like taking pictures
. human friendly
. durable- don't want to break it right away E Process:
. design it
. gather supplies
. make it
. sell it Test:
1. Get a stand at the mall.
2. Ask people to test the phone themselves.
3. Ask if they like it or if they don't. If they don't, ask them what to change. G H a) What are some problems with your current phones? b) How are our phones alike and different? c) What ways would you change your cell phones and make them better and what else could you add that they don’t already have to make them better? d) What solutions from letter “C” will you include in your new cell phone? Why did you pick these? e) What process will take place to make your solutions a reality? How will you go about making these solutions a reality? g) How would you test and evaluate your phone to be sure that it would work and that people will like it?
h) What results do you think will come out of this solution? . people will like our phone
. more stores will want to sell- product
. people- find phone to work faster and not complicated to use Slender buddy The End JK Narwhal
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