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Mozart biography

No description

BT Nguyen

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Mozart biography

Bibliography Some famous works by Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart January 27, 1756- December 5, 1791

Child prodigy & music genius http://www.mozartproject.org/chronology/ch_86_91.html
http://www.biography.com/people/wolfgang-mozart-9417115 1.First movements of Symphonies 25 & 40.
2.Ein kline Nacht Music
3.Piano Concerto No. 21
5.Piano Sonata movement "Alla Turca" Born Jan. 27, 1756 in Salzburg! Jan. 1761-Mozart learns his first musical piece, a scherzo by Georg Christoph Wagenseil. Sept. 1761- Mozart's first documented public appearance, as a singer in the Salzburg Latin play Sigismundus Hungariae Rex. Oct. 1762- Mozart gives his first public performance as a musical virtuoso, at the Trinity Inn, Linz. Oct. 1762- Mozart falls ill with scarlet fever, but quickly recovers the next month. June 1763- Mozart's family departs Salzburg for the "Grand Tour." During the Grand Tour, Mozart and his family perform for many important figures such as the court of Bavarian Elector Maximilian III Joseph, Elector-Palatine Karl Theodor, Princess Amalia of Prussia, and many more. A few of their destinations: Ulm, Ludwigsburg, Bruchsal, Schwetzingen, Coblenz, Paris, Versailles, and London. Jan. 1766- First public performance of one of his symphonies (K. 22), at Amsterdam. Nov. 1766- Mozart and his family return to Salzburg, after touring for three and a half years. Nov. 1769- Mozart is appointed unpaid concertmaster of the Salzburg court orchestra. Jan. 1770- Mozart gives his first concert in Italy, at the Accademia filarmonica of Verona. Apr. 1770- In Rome, Mozart hears Allegri's Miserere at the Sistine Chapel and writes it out from memory. July 1778- Mozart's mother, Anna Maria, dies in Paris. Mozart was a frequent traveler! Jan. 1779- Mozart petitions the archbishop, asking to be assigned to the post of court organist. The position carries a yearly salary of 450 gulden. * A gulden is equivalent to about $10 in the US. 450 gulden would be roughly $4,500. Aug. 1782- Mozart marries Constanze Weber at St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna. June 1783-Raimund Leopold, the Mozarts' first child, is born. Aug. 1783- Sadly two months later, Mozart's son Raimund Leopold dies in Vienna. Sept. 1784- Mozart's second child, Karl Thomas, is born. Oct. 1786- Mozart's third child, Johann Thomas Leopold, is born. but... Nov. 1786- Johann Thomas Leopold dies of suffocation. April 1787-Ludwig van Beethoven, 16, arrives in Vienna from Bonn to have lessons from Mozart. He leaves within two weeks. May 1787- Leopold Mozart (the father) dies in Salzburg. While growing up, Mozart did a lot with his father. This death was very tragic to Mozart. Dec. 1777- Mozart's fourth child, Theresia, is born. June 1788- Mozart's fourth child, Theresia, dies of intestinal cramps. but... but... Nov. 1789- Mozart's fifth child, Anna Maria, is born. but... She dies an hour later. July 1791- Mozart's sixth child, Franz Xaver Wolfgang, is born. Dec. 1791-At age 35, Mozart dies at five minutes before 1 a.m. After being blessed in front of the Crucifix Chapel of St. Stephen's, Mozart's body is buried in a common grave in the cemetery at St. Marx. Yay! All done! GOOD BYE HIGH SCHOOL! <3 -BT By Tiffany Tieu, Zury Ramirez, & BT Nguyen
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