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Charles Teo

No description

Georgia Schipp

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Charles Teo

Charles Teo and his personal life
Charles has a wife called Genevieve and four daughters.Charles is 55 years old.He was born in Sydney,n.s.w, Australia on December 24,1957.
Charles Teo has an important job as he is an amazing brain doctor and he has a huge impact on Australian people as he saves many Australian lives every day
Facts on Charles
Charles Teo is a person who fixes peoples brains if they have a brain tumor and the normal doctors can't help that is when thet go and see DR Charles Teo.In 2010 Charles Teo won the Australian of the year award and was the state finalist .
Charles Teo
Charles Teo's career
The End!!
Thank you for watching
Him and his family
Him at work
Him at prince of wales
private hospital
photos of Charles Teo
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