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12 Facts about Achilles the hero

No description

Pa-Alieu Ann

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of 12 Facts about Achilles the hero

Photograpf Of Achilles
Detail 4
Picture Of The Hero
1. Achilles was considered to be the greatest Greek Hero of All time.

2. He was to be the most hansome of the greek heroes against Troy
3. He had his own Cult
Achilles was said to be the the son of the nymph Thetis and Peleus
5. He was said to have a faersome anger causing him to kill many Trojans.
Facts 5-9
6. As his parents were aware that achilles would die at Troy, they disguise him as a girl amongst the womenfolk at the court of king Lycomedes of skyto.
7. A muthological centeur, named chiron, initially mentored Achilles but he said that he was to hard to handle.
8. The Trojan war was based on the rescue of Helen From the trojan prince Paris
Achilles The Hero
8. Trojan War was based on the rescue of Helen from Trojan.
9.During the World War Tro, Achilles captured a womannamed Breseis and took owner ship of her, but however Achilles's superior and chief commander of the Greek forces took ownership of her
Facts 5-9
. .
What I have learned about Acjilles was that he was not afraid of making the choices that he thougt that were best. Another thing that i have learned abouth Achilles is that he took pride in whatever he decided to do which showed real leadership in my opinion.

More facts that I haved learned about Achilles Is that What he Was prepared to do for justice out of all the heros ther were not even thinking about doing. Writing this project about one of the most famous greek heroes has made me to understand that nothing is impossible. Even if you could search for this greek God it would tell you that he was the greatest Greek her ever.

Facts 1-4
Symbol Of Achilles
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