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Filipino Superstitions

No description

Chelsea Phillips

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Filipino Superstitions

Ice-Ice Breaker
Luck Reversal: Relay Race!
Filipino Superstitions
Upcoming Events
DTJ 2013:
Theme: Hall of Fame
Showcase: 23 October 2013
Tickets (at Center and online)
Winter Wonder Jam: Dancers needed!

alpha Kappa Delta Phi
Sate Fundraiser Oct. 25
We are constructing a team for Adobowl at UF and registration is ending soon.

IM leagues have plenty of sporting activities available.
Cultural Presentation
Sat. Oct 19 @ 10PM
Fri. Nov 15 @ 7:30PM
New Year Superstitions
Make as much noise as you can to scare away evil spirits
Teams of 6 (adjust as needed)
2 at a time per team
Read and follow the instructions on each card
Fastest team wins!
Wear polka-dots. Anything round signifies prosperity.
Prepare 12 round fruits, one for each month of the coming new year.
Eat long noodles (pansit) for long life.
Jump at midnight to increase your height
Scatter coins around the house
Good luck Superstitions
Bad Luck Superstitions
Opening an umbrella in the house
Seeing a black cat.
A pregnant woman should not eat twin bananas for it causes twin births.
Sweeping the floor at night causes one to lose all his wealth.
A person with big ears will have a long life.
When one sees a snake crossing the street, he will have good luck.
If a bird flies over your head and its droppings fall on your head, a good fortune or money will also come to you.
If one’s palm becomes itchy, he will receive some money.
Do you believe in SUPERSTITIONS?
Committees: Decorations/Food
13610 Avalon Heights Blvd, Apt 401
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