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Comparison of the Korean War and Vietnam War

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AJ Bohara

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Comparison of the Korean War and Vietnam War

Military Aspects Results of the War Korean War vs Vietnam War Comparison of the Wars Cold War Significance Effects on Civilians Settlement Similarities Differences Similarities Korean War was conventional warfare.

US Aerial superiority played a more effective role in Korean due to battles on open ground

Vietnam was guerrilla warfare

Wars were drawn out longer and required more patience on the part of the US.

Large tunnel network made US aerial superiority less effective

Vietnam was a people's war and the declining US support ended the war on the side for the US

Enemy looked the same as the allies and made it difficult for the Americans

Korea had a demilitarized zone after the war but Vietnam did not Differences Differences Similiarities Both wars were limited wars

Fundamentally based off the Truman Doctrine and containment policy

US provided high military aid, advisors, and even combat troops

Considered using nuclear weapons in both wars but never did

During both wars, the communist fighters (North Korea and North Vietnam) were supported by China and Soviets for military equipment Differences Similiarities Similarities Korean War highly involved USSR and China

Korean War involved policing from various countries (through United Nations) and Vietnam War was solely an American initiative

US had world support in Korea

USSR vocally supported North Korea but not North Vietnam
Differences They both involved the Truman Doctrine
Both involved the Domino Theory

Severe casualties for American opposition
Populations generally divided between communist and non-communist (North Korea vs North Vietnam) Korean War: 370,000 North Koreans dead
Vietnam War: <1,000,000 North Vietnamese and Vietcong dead
Vietnam had more publicized death and destruction (My Lai Massacre)
Vietnam War hurt the environment with defoliants like Agent Orange
Other War Aspects - Propaganda Similarities Differences In Korea, there was a draw with treaty respected.

In Vietnam, the treaty (Paris Accords) not respected by the North and they invaded the South in 1975 No decisive victory for either side when respective treaties were signed

Anti-War sentiment existed for both Korean War and Vietnam, but it was stronger in the Vietnam War
Both wars involved significant American intervention and called for action through media and propaganda Korean War was considered a distant war, not involving a lot of troops, but the Vietnam War was covered extensively in American media and later led to major disapproval Korean War helped other countries like Japan, as it boosted the Japanese economy

China gained respect of Asian nations for standing its ground against USA at the end of Korean War

US was cautious about getting involved in local conflicts after Vietnam

South Korea now has a flourishing economy. North Korea is struggling immensely

Vietnam has a much weaker economy Both sides are going towards democracy TODAY
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