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Teaching, as Learning, in Practice. Jean Lave - Juliun & Bram

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Bram Bruggeman

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Teaching, as Learning, in Practice. Jean Lave - Juliun & Bram

Critical reading 2 : Teaching, as Learning, in Practice. Jean Lave
Juliun's Blog
Lengthy blog post, but ultimately a summary of a (difficult) paper
"...learning is an aspect of changing participation in changing "communities of practice" everywhere. Wherever people engage for substantial periods of time, day by day, in doing things in which their ongoing activities are interdependent, learning is part of their changing participation in changing practices. This characterization fits schools as well as tailor shops.
What are in fact learning theories?

Subject-world relation
Learning Mechanisms

Some thoughts on learning theories she criticises
Impact on teaching
Mere instruction <-> Autotelic teachers and learners? Teachers are the best learners?
Two blogposts
blend together
Juliun & Bram
Great teachers are great learners
Any tensions between what is claimed in the video and what is stated in Lave's paper?
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