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Job shadow

No description

Pamela Antoniak

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Job shadow

Dufferin Veterinary Hospital 24 Armstrong St. Orangeville. ON Some of the environments that I was observing was the surgery room, cage room (where the vets put animals on a table to give them needles ect;.) 9:00- A young golden retriever comes in to get spayed 9:30- We put her on a table in the cage room to put her asleep. 10:00- After, we carried her onto the surgery table, and Dr.Pugh is ready to start the surgery. 10:30- After the surgery, we carried her to a cage and shes waking up slowly. 11:00- I had to pet her and keep her warm until the owner came to pick her up. Some other occupations that i observe while job shadowing was a surgeon doing surgery on other animals in the surgery room. there was a small table in the middle of the room to put the animal on, beside the table was a cart filled with tools and other things such as, gloves, masks, hairnets.. True colour: ORANGE
(witty, charming, spontaneous, impulsive, generous, impactful, optimistic, eager, bold, physical, immediate, fraternal) Multiple Intelligences: NATURALIST INTELLIGENCE Interview! 1.What skills or personality traits are necessary in this line of work? 1.You need to be a people person, friendly, and need to be patient. 2.What education is necessary in this line of work? 2.You would need to take math sciences, biology and really high marks. 3.Is there any additional training/skills I will have to get? 3. You would need to voleenter first. 4.What do you forecast for this field in the future- how might it change? 4. It will be more specialized. 5.What is the best part of this occupation? what is the most challenging? 5. The best part of this occupation is that it is different everyday, the most challenging is how people can't afford to help their animals so they just suffer. 7.what is the usual starting salary and what is the top earning potential in this field? 7. veterinary technician: $13 hr.
Doctor: $25 hr. 8. What advice would you give to someone considering this field? 8.You need to LOVE animals! 1.Nothern college
-4 semesters.
-> ethics, laboratory procedures, animal anatomy and physiology ect.
-Haileybury ON.
-Veterinary tech. in zoos or animal shelters -St. Claire college
-Two years
-"same courses"
-Humane society, pharmaceutical firms 2. Job opportunties are expected in the future. The number of pet owners who take advantage of veterinary services for their pets is expected to grow over the projection period, increasing employment opportunities. The end!
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