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Copy of Copy of Case Analysis: Frida Kahlo

Paola Garcia PSYC 2326

yna dela cruz

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Case Analysis: Frida Kahlo

Product Strategy
Brief Company Background
“Beauty lies not in a flawless complexion, but in the stories that are told by each transitioning line on a woman’s face.”
- Alyscia Cunningham

Target Market
Product Positioning
Price Strategy
ProVive price strategy will be the same as the product of its competitors. Since it is made of natural ingredients which made it suitable to be the same price as the competitors. Pricing it the same to stimulate the sales, encourage trail, and trigger by word of mouth.
Presented by:
Dela Cruz, Yna Zyra
Dealino, Mary Christine
Guerrero, JoefelCres
Tuscano, Norien
Toy, John Verlee
Case Analysis:
Are They Ready to put "Avocados" on their Faces?

Vive Chemical Philippines (VCP)
Promotion Strategy
Thank you
Listening! :)

Target Market
Distribution/Place Strategy
Pricing Strategy
Mr. Ricky Bautista, President of Vive Chemical Philippines (VCP)
VCP was a manufacturing company involved in developing new products primarily for industrial use
In September 1993, Mr. Ricky Bautista, excitedly called his production manager about the possibility of having King Matches Corporation (KMC), a nationwide distributor of consumer products, market the company’s new line of herbal astringents.
There's a lot of media that we can use to promote the new product "ProVive":
Print Media
Also it brings demonstration in the homes of the prospects and is therefore more effective media compared to others
But we preferred Television Advertising as the best media that will suit perfectly for promoting new product.
Because it makes the message more attractive, appealing and impressive to the prospective consumers especially using brand ambassadors (celebrities)
Another good example of sales promotion activities include free sample campaigns, seminars on related topics, media campaigns, that is given above and other activities -- the breadth of sales promotions activities is limited only by creativity. To mount an effective product promotion campaign, however, you must be aware of customer psychology and buying patterns as well as the nature and extent of your competition.
ProVive as we all know not new to the market as astringent but its features are the one to the market that no company has similar to. We will need to start by gaining the trust of the consumers by word of mouth and different marketing strategies to the targeted customers.
This way once the product has some buzz and customers appreciate the products value, ProVive can be price at higher price do to the demand of the product.
Best example: Tresemme Shampoo
"Want to relax your stressed skin? use ProVive, a natural astringent that has no additives
Geographic -
they should distribute the product accordingly in every region especially in NCR if they want their product to be well - known by the consumers
Demographic -
the prospect user of ProVive is female astringent users with income class of B and C. The age range is between 21 and 30 years old
The competitors of ProVive are seen in different stores such as supermarkets, drugstores, department stores and the like so Provive should do the same since ProVive is new to the market, the company should focus on the retailers.
It would be suitable to put their product in groceries and sarisari stores and other retailer stores.
This product had no chemical additives, it had natural coloring derived from herbs; i.e. green green for avocado, yellow for calamansi, etc.
They also used flip-top cap for innovation since all existing brand used screw caps.
ProVive has proposed packages size of 250ml, 150ml, 75ml and 30m
New product which is astringent had a six herbs as main ingredients and was conceptualized as a "natural" product with a suggested brand name of " ProVIVE" astringent line claimed an attribute of "relaxes stress skin."
Psychographic -
astringent users were likely to be influenced by; advertisements and endorsers, friends, family and relatives, professional or expert advice and perceived effect of the brand on the skin.
Behavioral -
the qualities and attributes of the product that users wants: it feels clean, it cleanses skin
- it feels clean
(malinis 'yung feeling);
- it cleanses skin and removes oil and dust from faces;
- it feels cool
- it makes face look smooth;
- it feels fresh;
- it makes user feel confident;
- it makes user feel young;
- it makes user attractives
- it makes facial veins visible
(lumalabas 'yung ugat sa face)
- it gives face a natural oil (shiny); and
- it makes user feel light
(gumagaan ang feeling)
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