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Texas Tech or Bust!

A presentation intended for the furtherance of the Texas Tech fan base.

Joe Wagnon

on 9 October 2015

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Transcript of Texas Tech or Bust!

A guide to the wonderment that is Texas Tech University
Texas Tech or Bust!
Texas Tech is located in Lubbock, TX. The people in this medium sized Texas town are known for their kindness and hospitality. Nothing beats a West Texas sunset!
It just doesn't get prettier than this!
Spanish style architecture lines the rooftops.
Campus is located right in the heart of the city.
Many fields of study are offered by some of the best educators in America.
Texas Tech students come from every county in Texas, all 50 states and more than 90 foreign countries.
Tech offers 150 undergraduate degree programs through 11 academic colleges, a graduate school and a school of law.
Texas Tech offers more than 100 master's degree programs and over 50 doctoral degree programs.
Texas Tech University provides opportunities for it's student athletes to participate in a wide range of Division I Athletics.
Men's and Women's Basketball
Softball and Baseball
And more
Founded in 1923, Texas Tech is overflowing with tradition!
History and Tradition
To celebrate the holiday season Texas Tech holds an annual event called the Carol of Lights
The Carol of Lights
The event starts off with the Texas Tech University Combined Choirs performing selections of classic holiday songs at the Science Quadrangle.
When the lighting ceremony commences, Students as well as those who came for the show stand in awe as over 25,000 red, white, and orange lights illuminate the 13 buildings surrounding memorial circle.
The Masked Rider is the oldest and most popular mascot of Texas Tech University that still exists today.
The Masked Rider
Originally the Masked Rider started as a dare in 1936 and was then called the ghost rider, because no one knew the rider's identity.
These ghost riders circled the field at home football games and then disappeared.
One of the most well known landmarks on campus is the statue of Will Rogers and his horse Soapsuds.
Before every home football game the Saddle Tramps wrap Old Will with red crepe paper.
Will Rogers and Soapsuds have also been wrapped up in black crepe paper to mourn national tragedies.
Legend says, the horse and Will were turned 23 degrees to the east so the horse's posterior was facing in the direction of Texas A&M, one of the school's rivals.

Arbor Day
Bertha (Saddle Tramp Bell)
Blarney Stone
Double T Bench
Double T's Saddle Monument
Double T Symbol
Fight Song
Goin' Band from Raiderland
Guns Up
These too...
Matador Song
Raider Gate
Raider Red
TTAA Class Ring & Ceremony
Saddle Tramps
Texas Tech Seal
Victory Bells
Get your guns up!!!
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