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Historical events

No description

carter reistad

on 29 November 2017

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Transcript of Historical events

Quotation 1
Dynamite Explosion
Patato Pattado
Battle of Crannon
Battle between leaders Antipater and Craterus
Decisive battle of limean war
322 BC
Over 500 died in the time
Antipater was severely outnumbered
After the death of alexander the great
After the death there was a rebellion

August, 7
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Simele Massacre

The Penny
US issues 1st Lincoln penny
1909 very early
One cent coin

Historical events
Committed by armed forces of iraq
63 villages were attacked by the army
Nearly 6000 people died
Affected people were assyrians
Led by Bakr Sidqi
August of 1933

Explosion in columbia
Killed 1200 people
Army truck packed with over 1000 boxes
Happened in Cali, california

1st potatoes planted in Hawaii
Done in 1820

Stamp Money

$45,000 was payed for a simple stamp
1856 British Guiana

Charles Mahoney

Becomes 1st US black to serve as a full UN delegate

11 people are killed by a bombing
in Karachi, Pakistan
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