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the toilet

No description

Jennifer Ellison

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of the toilet

Thomas Crapper is often falsely given credit for the invention of the toilet, due to the fact that his business, "Thomas Crapper & co. LTD", produced the majority of the toilets at the time. This made him closely related to the first patent. The Toilet The first flush toilet was invented in 1596, to efficiently dispose of waste. The true inventor was Sir John Harrington who, in the 16th century, invented the very first flush toilet
in attempt to replace chamberpots, which were inconvenient and unsanitary Toilets in the 15th century were often called the crapper, after Thomas Crappers massive production company. The very first flush toilet was designed
to flush waste simply with the pull of a valve. This valve would empty the tank and wash waste out of the bowl. This process was very slow and inconvenient. automatic flush toilet music playing toilet remote control toilet automatic wash and dry toilet Innovations of the Toilet A sensor above the toilet allows it to automatically flush when you are finished Music from a chip plays as the toilet seat is opened, and ends as it closes. In other cases, music is played when flushed. This innovation allows you to open, close, flush, clean, and heat the toilet, all with the touch of a button. This innovation eliminates the need for toilet paper. It's design allows it to automatically wash and dry you quickly and conveniently. Positives and Negatives
of the Toilet Positives- Conveniently disposes of waste
through sewage Easy to clean Can be located anywhere in your house
for your convenience Negatives- The use of the toilet will increase your water bill There is a risk of the toilet
overflowing Can be expensive to install, replace,
or repair product science technology engineering math The Flush
Toilet Creating a system in which water along with waste can be flushed out of the toilet bowl, to another location. Deciding the height the toilet is off the ground, the shape of the bowl, and the width of the seat for optimal comfort. Designing a mechanism with a valve that empties the tank, then a sewage system to take the waste elsewhere. Discovery of underground piping, and of porcelain- a sturdy, waterproof material used to make a large amount of toilets today, and in past centuries. This chart shows all of the different subjects needed to create something such as the flush toilet, and what each subject is used for. Each of these areas eventually come together and create an invention important to society. Queen Elizabeth I was too embarrassed to use the flush toilet built for her by her godson, Sir John Harrington, because she feared that the loud flush would inform people that she had just made a bowel movement. Did you know that 40,000 Americans are injured by toilets each year? fun fact How the toilet works Pulling a chain or pressing a handle opens a valve
this causes water to gush into the bowl.
When the tank empties, the valve is forced closed
the tank refills under pressure from the water supply.

All of this is an example production technology, which includes manufacturing and construction.

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Unkown author. "Flush with Fun Toilet Facts". 20-20 Site. 2012 Lovetoknow Corp. Visited: 2/4/13. http://www.20.20site.org/fun-facts/fun-toilet-facts.html fun fact Did you know that King George II of Great Britain died falling off a toilet on the 25Th of October 1760? Bibliography Did you know that the average person spends three whole years of their life sitting on the toilet? fun fact Presented by:
Jennifer Ellison & Andrea LaCalameto The First Flush Toilet
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