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Aerodynamic Distance Challenge

No description

Hannah B

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Aerodynamic Distance Challenge

Aerodynamic Distance Challenge
The Aerodynamic Distance Challenge was to create a device, using a limited amount of materials, that would be able to travel a far distance in the air.
Attempt #2
After we made several changes to our design, we achieved a distance of 23'6" or 282 inches. This design's rate was 8.5 feet per gram. This design was different because we used the paper airplane as a vehicle and the slingshot as a propulsion.
What We Learned
1 Pencil
2 Sheets of Paper
2 Rubber Bands
12in. piece of String
3 Straws
12in. of Masking Tape
5 Paper Clips
1 Plastic Grocery Bag
2 Tongue Depressors
Hannah Barenboim
Reshma Paul
Nadiya Stakhyra

After we tested our first design, we achieved a distance of 49 inches or 4' 1". The design had a rate of 1.4 feet per gram. We realized we needed to redesign so that we could get a farther distance.
Since our first design did not work as well as we hoped it would, we decided to reconstruct the whole device into a paper plane looking vehicle. We decided to keep the slingshot, because it was a good propulsion.
Attempt #1
Aerodynamic designs work better when they are more lightweight and have a strong propulsion, such as a slingshot. This creates a farther distance and a faster rate of speed.

When Brainstorming, we all came up with very different ideas. Reshma found a way to combine all of our ideas into a complex but possibly successful idea. The final result was a mix between paper airplane, a slingshot, and a bow and arrow.
Attempt 1
Attempt 2
49 inches
282 inches
23.5 feet
4.08 feet
(inches or feet)
2.8 grams
appr. 24 footgrams
appr. 72 footgrams
5.9 grams
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