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Minming Jia

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of CMNS253

Matters? Literacy of Attention: The strategic use of categorization & tagging systems not only facilitates the sorting functionality, but also promotes YouTube's attention economy. Literacy of Participation: Literacy of Collaboration: Literacy of Network Awareness: CMNS253 Project:
YouTube & Pop culture

How does YouTube contribute to social media literacies?

What role has YouTube played in defining contemporary pop culture, and in turn, how has pop culture transformed the development of YouTube? YouTube extends and transforms pop culture through expanding its fans cultures. The Interplay Between YouTube & pop culture: Uploaders apply popular but perhaps unrelated tags or short 'quotes' of content to improve their search rankings. The high level of public involvement and the application of user-generated mechanism in YouTube is conducive for creating a virtual public space in which a free flow of ideas is encouraged. The blurring line between consumers and producers in YouTube community reinforces its participatory culture. The feedback loop embedded in YouTube's bottom-up participatory enables a dynamic interaction between consumers and producers. YouTube as a participatory culture supports grassroots empowerment so that alternative perspectives and mass culture are valued. "Amateur video itself has become another giant among us, demanding our attention, fragmenting audiences." (Strangelove, 2010, p4)
relatively passive consumers
active producers 'Record responses' feature 'subscribe' feature YouTube as participatory culture: In video-production: In content circulation: More than one YouTuber collaboratively work together to create one high quality video for their channel. "In general, doing things together gives us more power than doing things alone." ( Rheingold, 2010, pp14-40 ) An ideological exchange along with the collective efforts improves the distribution of knowledge, creates opportunities to share ideas and fosters continuous innovation in video-sharing. communication collective
actions networking consolidation "YouTube provides a space for multiple communities, and people invest time in it and develop relationships through it." (Strangelove, 2010, pp105) The YouTube community forms a network of creative practice.
Aesthetic appreciation, cultural forms and creative techniques are shared and normalized via Youtube's social network. The social networking in YouTube is not confined to "friending" and personal profile, but involves the process of cultural production that is circulated by video-sharing. An extraordinary project made by two ordinary people: RSA Animation presentation YouTube COMMUNITY During the whole project, I explore... ... YouTube is a mediated cultural system in which the public and private life of people are intertwined & actively interacted. YouTube is one of the most "visible manifestations of a widespread change in how the Internet and a plethora of related digital technologies are being used", which marks the significance of communication technology and contemporary digital culture. (strangelove, 2010,pp6) The YouTube generations represent democratic faith as ordinary people are empowered to express diverse viewpoints through their amateur video practices. In turn, pop culture is redefined and refreshed as a mass commercial, consumer culture in which commercial pop culture, creative consumption and community participation is converged in the YouTube community. YouTube presents a ‘top-down’ platform for the distribution of popular culture & a ‘bottom-up’ platform for vernacular creativity. Fan communities and their creative practices has been incorporated in the logic of YouTube branding and production. YouTube is experienced in a range of different ways "by consumer-citizens via a hybrid model of engagement with popular culture-part amateur production, part creative practices" (strangelove, 2010, pp13) 'Comment' feature Thank you
your viewing.
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