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Philippines in World Affairs

Social Studies 6

Maria Cristina Molera

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Philippines in World Affairs

Social Studies 6 The Philippines in World Affairs "No man is an Island" Explore Philippine Foreign
Policies Department of Foreign Affairs
(DFA) ASEAN Regional and World Organizations Global Village Understand *Philippine Foreign Policies
*Philippines in Regional and World Organizations It describes a world where all countries help and cooperate with one another as if living in just a small community. Give importance and support to the country's objectives regarding security, stability, development and social justice Policy #1: security, stability, development and social justice Policy #2 Participate and coordinate with the United Nation (UN) in all of its programs Policy #3: Attain good foreign relations with other countries despite the difference in political ideologies and socio-economic systems Differences in Political Ideologies and
Socio-Economic Systems Policy #4: Support the move towards a free open trade among countries of the world in accordance with globalization Policy #5 Support the aspirations of the ASEAN as an instrument of peace, progress, and stability in the region Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) 1987 Constitution It is a government agency that deals with matters relating to the diplomatic relations of the Philippines with other countries. Sec. Albert F. Del Rosario Term: 2010 up to present
* Heads the DFA
* Represents the Philippines in meetings that discuss issues affecting the country.
*Represents the President of the Philippines abroad Mission * Maintain the security of the Country.
* Promoting Socio-Economic Development
* Assisting Filipinos Working or Living in
Other Countries Associations Relations with Developed Countries Philippines United States Japan Great Britain France Italy Germany Australia Spain Relations with Developing Countries Joint Declaration of the Seventy Seven Countries issued at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

1964 BIMP-EAGA APEC UN WTO ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations Objectives: Forge a stable and closer relationship among member-countries in the areas of diplomatic, economy, and culture. BIMP-EAGA Brunei Darussalam-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines - East ASEAN Growth Area > It was formed in 1994 by four concurrent members of the ASEAN.

> It aims to accelerate trade, tourism, and investments in this subregion.

> This regional organization hopes to hasten economic development in neglected areas but that have been neglected but are rich in natural resources.
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