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Twitter - Analysing the Collective Voice

For the outsider, Twitter can seem like a hail of unstructured status updates. In this presentation I aim to introduce the layman to how Twitter is used and how it can be used to provide feedback on your teaching

Andrew Hoang

on 28 May 2010

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Transcript of Twitter - Analysing the Collective Voice

Conventions Grouping with # hashtags Twitter - Analysing the collective voice What is Twitter? Status updates Information stream 140 Characters Organising the stream # - The hashtag Why use Twitter? Students/attendees Teachers Not quite a status update service... Friends People you know People based stream #RULT10 Analysing word streams BBC - what do you want in 2010? Single people streams Many people streams Comparisons source: bbc news Source: CBS News Source: BBC Simple data structure that lends itself to analysis "One ham sandwich tweet is inconsquential
1000 ham sandwiches being eaten at once is an event" RSS Allows you to output your search as plain text

Plain text can be analysed Events wordle News
Updates on your course
File attachments
etc... Forming networks of interest Gathering data in real time from a collective Gina Trapani - This week in Google 38 http://prezi.com/l1sutqvjy8di/
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