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Mrs. Carnes Fermi Problem

No description


on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Mrs. Carnes Fermi Problem

Birth to Age 12 My family never had soda in the house. And, of course, babies probably shouldn't drink soda! Junior High (2 years) My lunch in junior high was a Diet Coke and a SKOR candy bar (super healthy, right?). Some days I would have pizza too. But I definitely bought a soda out of the vending machine every day for 50 cents.

A school year is 180 days x 2 years in Junior High = 360 school days
I had one Diet Coke per school day so that's 360 sodas

Not to mention I would have soda in the evenings 4 nights a week.
52 weeks in a year x 2 years in Junior High x 4 sodas = 416 sodas High School (4 years) During high school I played tennis and decided that sodas weren't healthy. I also made my dad quit drinking sodas at this time. He still doesn't drink soda! I switched from soda to only water but I do remember having soda on special occasions and trips.

On our trip to Disneyland Senior year there are pictures of me drinking a HUGE diet coke at a Taco Bell. We would also go glow bowling once or twice a month and along with shoe rental, the lane came with pitchers of soda. 1) Birth to Age 12
2) Junior High (2 years)
3) High School (4 years)
4) College (4 years)
5) San Francisco (4 years)
6) RLS (3 years) Mrs. Carnes' Fermi Problem How many
Diet Cokes
have I had in my life? For this time period I had 776 Diet Cokes. For this time period I had 0 Diet Cokes. First, I have to divide my life into different time
intervals since the amount of soda that I drink has changed many times. For this time period I had 100 Diet Cokes. College (4 years) San Francisco (4 years) RLS (3 years) And I can't forget all the "special occasions" in which I had lots of extra soda... Putting it all together... 1) Birth to Age 12 0 sodas
2) Junior High (2 years) 776 sodas
3) High School (4 years) 100 sodas
4) College (4 years) 1,456 sodas
5) San Francisco (4 years) 1,940 sodas
6) RLS (3 years) 2,280 sodas
*Extras 225 sodas
GRAND TOTAL=6,777 DIET COKES In college I was super broke...this means no extra money for sodas! Water was free so that's what I had.

During this time I still probably averaged about 1 soda per day (I had nice friends and sometimes my parents would come visit and take me to get groceries). 1 per day x 7 days per week x 52 weeks x 4 years = 1,456 For this time period I had 1,456 Diet Cokes. Ok, this is where things start to get a little bit out of hand...

When I began teaching in San Francisco I worked at a school that had a great little store right across the street. I would go to Mama's Market every day at lunch and buy a 20oz. bottle of Diet Coke. One 20 oz per day x 180 school days x 4 years = 14,400 oz of Diet Coke
*Now I need to divide by 12 oz (that's a normal size can)
14,400 oz = 1,200 cans
12 oz In addition to my daily DC at lunch, I was drinking about 1 can a day when I wasn't at school. 365 days in a year - 180 school days = 185 "non school" days
185 x 4 years =740 "non school" days
740 x 1 Diet Coke per day = 740 cans For this time period I had 1,940 Diet Cokes. Since beginning at RLS, I drink 2 cans of Diet Coke every day at school (but usually don't have any soda once I'm at home). 2 per day x 180 school days x 3 years = 1,080 cans *I know I haven't finished this year but since there are only about 25 days left of school I am rounding a little bit Then there are those "bad days" when I'm stressed out or just super thirsty (or if we go to lunch at Villa Corona and I just fill up repeatedly!) and I end up having more than the usual 2...I estimate this happens 15 times a year. 2 extra per day x 15 days x 3 years = 90 cans And I can't leave out the sodas I have on weekends, holidays, and summer. I've already found that there are 185 non school days each year and I estimate I still have around 2 per day. 2 extra per day x 185 "non school" days x 3 years = 1,110 cans For this time period I had 2,280 Diet Cokes. Girl's Weekend 2008 Tahoe 18 sodas
Girl's Weekend 2009 Tahoe 18 sodas
Girl's Weekend 2010 Tahoe 18 sodas
Girl's Weekend 2012 Catalina 18 sodas
Girl's Weekend 2013 Napa 18 sodas

Honeymoon Mexico 2010 35 sodas
(all-inclusive = free soda for a week!)

Everything else I'm sure I'm forgetting 100 sodas All of these extras total 225 Diet Cokes.
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