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I Panama because i wanted to learn more about Panama. I also picked it because Panama sounds great .......

c l

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Panama

Panama Capital Pananma City Bodies of Water Gulf of Panama Gulf of Mosquitos Ithsmus of Panama Historical Site/Explain One historical site is The Panama Canal. Instead of going all around South America you can go through The Panama Canal Language Spanish English Population 3,360,300 Landforms Darien Gap Gulf of Panama Pictures of.... Flag... Gulf of Parita by Carolyn Lo Climate 80 degrees faren. In the mountains is 55 degrees faren. 5 facts 1*Panama's major export is bananas 2*Panama's major import is machinery 3*Nearly half of Panama's 3 million people live and work in canal area 4* Panama got control of the Panama canal on Dec. 31, 1999 5* the United States made the Panama canal then gave it to Panama
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