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A short presentation explaining about the Android "Cyborg" framework.

Adam Zehavi

on 8 May 2017

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Transcript of Cyborg

Just Build It!
A C\C++ Linux(OS) kernel wrapped by Java, with the ability to run multiple Android applications, simultaneously.

A very rich and dynamic UI, and a very convenient IDE editor for application development.

Devices support many of today's technology such as Bluetooth, Wifi, NFC, QR Reader, and many many others.
Android in a nutshell...
So what is wrong?
What is wrong with Android?
The overall code needed to be written to perform a small task is ridiculously much.

Data sharing between main UI components of the framework, is very limited and may be heavy on performance, and also causes developers to abuse the Singleton pattern.

Implementing same feature in multiple screens, lures developers to duplicate their code.

Surprisingly most of the framework is Not constructed in an Object Oriented methodology, and there is no REAL MVC pattern.

Architecture limitations, due to the UI components inheritance structure.

Terrible project building and packaging management.

Huge functional delta between different manufacturers and Android OS versions.
So what can we do?
What is Cyborg?
Cyborg is a wrapping framework
layer over Android.
What is so special about Cyborg?
Cyborg has a sophisticated module management, which provides, encapsulation of features into independent modules.

Cyborg has an intelligent instance injection mechanism, to populate Objects dynamically.

Cyborg is flexible, adaptable and simple to use.

Each line of code you write... counts!
Why would you use Cyborg?
Cyborg Architecture restrain code duplications, it allows common function reusability throughout the application.
The intelligent injector reduces drastically the code needed to implement an application feature/function.
Multiple modules are stored and managed in the application cache.
Application cache access diffuse through the entire Cyborg under layer.
Provides a collection of very powerful Utilities & ART tools.
SAVES Time & Money
lots of
What is already there?
Existing Modules


Google Maps
Way Points


Google Analytics
Google Play-Store
PayPal MPL
Cyborg compensates for most of Android drawbacks and simplify one's development.

Been a wrapping layer, allows end to end features development, and compensate delta behaviors of the Android framework.

The modules architecture allows countless feature development, and allows you to choose which features to use in your application.

The Object Oriented hierarchy of Cyborg, in combination with forced error handling architecture produce minimal runtime development error.
What does Cyborg do for you?
Some UI Utilities
Secured Preferences

Content Assistance
Crash Report
QR Reader

Scenario Recoring

Augmented Reality

Google AdMob
Graph API
Color chooser palette
Application Tool-Tip
Road map...
To boldly go where no one has gone before
Extends the Cyborg framework, to cover more features of Android.
Create an Eclipse & IntelliJ plugin for building and packing.
Add a build-in PCM ad module, and share revenues from an application developed with Cyborg.
Give it a Go...
It might surprise you
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