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Reasons why you should move to the Southeast region of the U

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Rowan Besse

on 17 December 2015

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Transcript of Reasons why you should move to the Southeast region of the U

The Southeastern region of the United States
Ava Markham,Chandler Vereen, Rowan Besse
Beautiful beaches with a humid subtropical climate
Reason why you should move to this region #1
The coal and oil industry offers a lot of new job oppurtunities to unemployed individuals.
Reason #2
Many historical landmarks; for example, Fort Sumter.
Reason #3
For the last 140 years, the annual Kentucky Derby horse race has taken place in Louisville, Kentucky.
Reason #4
Reason #5
Known as the "Gateway of the Americas", the port of Miami is the most popular cruise ship port in the world.
Reason #6
The Florida Everglades, a treasured National Park and a sanctuary for countless animal species, many endagered or thretened, is the largest subtropical wilderness area in all of North America.
Major Cities and Population
Dominate Geographic Features
Major Rivers
Economic Activities
Major Crops
Major Historical Events of Region
Soil Types and Vegetation
Interesting Facts
Miami, Florida. population: 417,650
Orlando, Florida. population: 255,483
Tampa, Florida. population: 352,957
Atlanta, Georgia. population: 447,841
Charlotte, NC. population: 792,862
Richmond, Virginia. population: 214,114
Nashville, Tennessee. population: 659,042
Jackson, Mississippi. population: 172,638
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. population: 610,613
States Included:

South Carolina
North Carolina
West Virginia
Crop (where it is grown)
Peanuts (Coastal Plain in Alabama, NC, Virginia, Georgia, and Florida)
Tobacco (Piedmont Plateau and Coastal Plain, leading state is NC)
Rice (leading state is Arkansas)
Cotton (Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Tennesse)
Soybeans ( mostly Mississippi, Tennesse, and Kentucky)
Fun Fact: 70% of the United States' citrus fruits are grown in this region; for example, oranges and grapefruit.
The southeastern region of the United States i nicknamed Dixie.
Because many of the people in the Southeast have values that are centered around religion and conservation, much of the Southeast region is informally known as the "Bible Belt"
The highest point in Southeastern United States is Mount Mitchell in NC, it stands at 6,684 feet.
Appalachian Mountains
Atlantic Ocean
Atlantic Coastal Plain
Gulf of Mexico
On May 6th, 1565 Spanish explorers made land in Florida.
Charleston, SC founded in 1670
1803 Louisiana Purchase
1820 Missouri Compromise
January 1861, The South secedes.
December 1955, Rosa Parks refuses to give up his seat.
Trumpet Honeysuckle
Willow Oak
Black Tupelo
Narrowleaf Sunflower
Sweet Pepperbush
Dark Sandy Loam
Heavy Red Clay
Humid suptropical climate with hot summers and warmer winters
The James rivers
Savannah river
Mississippi river
Tenessee river
St. Charles river
Chattahoochee river
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