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No description

Marissa Renfroe

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of EduClipper.Net

Main Features
EduClips are the content resources added to the website, EduClipper. Each resource has a picture or snapshot to represent the resource. When clicked on, the image takes you to the link where the resource is located. EduClips can vary in type from images, videos, and websites.
By mousing over an EduClip, a few icons appear... ReClip, Share, Comment, or Flag. ReClip means to bookmark a resource into your personal EduClip files, so that you can access it later. Options are provided so you can choose how to categorize or share your ReClip.
These are the clipboards holding all of your ReClips and personally added resources. You can have as many categories as you like. You can also have different privacy or sharing options for each. (Ex: share a "Classroom Management Ideas" clipboard only with coworkers, and share a "Poetry Research Project" clipboard with only one class.
You can add rosters and manage classes using EduClipper. To sign your class up, you can create an access code they use to register in your class, or you can sign them up automatically. Adding classes makes it easy to determine what to content you want to share with each.
Advantages & Disadvantages
Curricular Support
EduClipper is an online social resource that was designed with educators in mind. It allows teachers and students to search for and add content-rich resources and store them in multiple ways. Similar to the popular social media website, Pinterest, EduClipper was made especially for educational use.
Technology Access
& System Requirements
All you need to access EduClipper is a computer or device with internet access. Sign-up is free! Apps are available to connect with EduClipper on an iOS or Android device.
Table of Contents
Overview of "EDUCLIPPER.NET"
Target Users
Technology Access & System Requirements
Main Features
Advantages and Disadvantages
Curricular Support
Target Users
Teachers & Students
Marissa Renfroe
EDT 565
Spring 2014

For compiling and sharing resources with coworkers or students
For finding content-rich resources for research projects or accessing information shared by the teacher
Email required for account sign-up
Boards can be shared to people without an account by sharing custom link
content available is high-quality and spam-free
educlipper is not yet widely used, so searchable content (added by other users) is not extensive
you can add your own content and organize it more effectively than using browser bookmarks
Follow this link to see an example of an EduClipboard.... one I created about "Educational Technology."
EduClipper has the capability to improve teaching and learning in the classroom by organizing materials, providing high-quality content, and providing an easy way to share content between co-workers or amongst students.
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