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Ed Kemper

Serial Killer

Calley O'Neill

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Ed Kemper

Ed Kemper
"Big Ed" Childhood First Murder Killing Spree From 1972- 1973 Ed committed 6 murders of women between the ages of 15 and 24 (the co-ed killer) TROUBLED CHILDHOOD MOTHER FATHER VIOLENCE CONFINMENT DIVORCE ABONDONMENT Ed's Mother was an Alcoholic with a Personality Disorder. She was a dominant woman and constantly nagged and belittled E.E Kemper (Edmunds Father). "CONTROLING, MEAN AND IMPOSSIBLE TO PLEASE." Ed's Father was Edmund Emil Kemper standing 6'8" tall. He was constantly harrassed by his wife concerning money and his relationship with his son. He left home as often as possible to escape the verbal abuse. In 1957 when Ed was 9 years old, his parents divorced after spending years in a stormy relationship. His father then left Ed and his two sisters in care of their mother. After his Father left Ed began extremly violent. He took his anger out on his sisters dolls; tearing off their limbs, beheaded, and acted out bizzare sexual rituals with them. He then turned to the distruction of precious items. Next he killed small animals such as cats and dogs. He also confessed to his sister that he wanted to kill his teacher and then kiss her lifeless head. Disturbed by her sons behaviour, Ed's Mother confined him to the basement in fear that he would harm or rape his sisters. He was forced to live only in solitude and in the dark world of his mind. He was alone most of the time, he did not have many friends because he was teasted and bullied at school because of his size. Kemper had two near death experiences at the hands of his sister. Being pushed infront of a moving train, as well as almost drowning in a pool. 14 year old Ed Kemper then ran away from his Mothers house to go live with his Father. When he arrived he found that his dad had re married and had a step son. He became very jealous and soon he was rejected by his father and sent back to live with his mother. But his mother refused him aswell and sent him to live with his grandparents. On August 27th 1964, 15 year old Edmund Kemper comitted his first murder. A double homocide. The victims of his act were his Grandparents. Ed and his Grandmother had been arguing the kitchen when Kemper hauled off and shot her in the back of the head. He then shot her two more times and proceeded to stab her multiple times until finally stowing her away in his room. A few minutes later her heard his Grandfathers truck pull in the drive. He ran outside and shot his grandfather in the head and again in the chest. "I JUST WANTED TO SEE WHAT IT FELT LIKE." CONSEQUENCES Immediately after kiling both of his Grandparents Kemper called his mother and told her what he had done and asked her what he should do. His mother urged him to call the police. He called the authorities and confessed to what he had done. He was sent to a phychiatric hospital where he was treated for paranoid schizophrenia. During his time there he charmed the staff and assisted in handling the phychological tests. He memorized 28 different tests so that when he had to take one he would know all the "right answers". He also tested 136 on an I.Q test which was an exceptionally high score. He convinced the staff that he was sane even though he was far from it. He was discharged from the hospital when he was 21, and despite the doctors objections the california youth athority put him in the custody of his mother once again. This is when he earned the title of "The Co-ed Killer" After Kempers parole officer released him from his mothers custody he moved 90 minutes out of Santa Cruz. It was then that his inner demons started to control him entirely. Mary Ann Pesce & Anita Luchessa Smothered and Stabbed Stabbed to Death Pornographic Photos Dismemberment Oral Sex Disposal Aiko Koo May 7, 1972 Sept. 14, 1972 Strangled to Death on Roadside Rape Dissection Experimentation Dismember Bury Cindy Schall January 7, 1973 Shot with a .22 Pistol Dissected Slept with body Decapitation Bury Dissmember Discard Rosalind Thorpe & Alice Liu Shot with a .22 Pistol Beheaded Sexually Abused Dissmembered Disposed The Murder of Clarnell Strandberg (Mother) & Sally Hallett Good Friday of 1973 decapatated used lifeless head for oral sex used lifeless head as dart board cut out vocal cords and put in garbage disposal Battered while sleeping with a Claw Hammer Stranggled to Death Apon Entry The End Of Big Ed After murding his Mother and her friend Sally Hallett, Kemper fled the scene. He then drove to Colorada where he called the police and confessed to what he had done, just like the first time. However the police did not believe him. So Kemper called again in a few hours and requested to speak to an officer he knew personally. After speaking with the oficer he waited in his car until her was arrested. Edmund Kemper pleaded Not Guilty by reason of insanity On November of 1973 Kemper was found guilty of 8 counts of murder. He asked for the Death Penalty but beause of its suspension at the time he was denied it and recieved a life sentance.
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