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My Personal Learning Environment

No description

Sophie Grifin

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of My Personal Learning Environment

My Personal Learning Environment The VLE Research Communication Portal Email Timetable Announcements I use the portal to keep up to date with everything
going on at uni. To check course related emails and communicate with members of staff. To check my timetable and my exam
timetable so that I know where I'm supposed
to be at all times. iGoogle My iGoogle homepage is where i collate a lot of information together Google Reader use this for RSS feeds News New Scientist Research Blogs Facebook e-mail instant messaging Search Engines Online Journals Wikipedia Lectures Announcements I use google reader to join all of the feeds i want to read together. This makes it easier for me to use and more time effective. I use wikipedia when i want
general information. These are particularly useful for writing practical reports to look
up previous experimental research for references etc. For just about everything I use the VLE for almost all of my online learning All of the presentations from my lectures are posted
for me to download and go through after each one. Links The VLE contains links to useful online
learning resources relevant to my course. Quizzes Most lecturers put quizzes up on the VLE
based on the lecture topics. I use these to test
how much i have learned. I read the new scientist RSS feed
as well as the magazine. This is to keep
up to date with recent developments. To Do List I use an online to do list on my iGoogle
page to remind me of things I need to do. This is my main form of communication as it is how i get hold of lecturers as well as friends and family. Facebook is used for communication with friends Youtube I use Youtube for all manner of things from work
to personal. In terms of work I like to use it to watch
animations as they tend to help me understand certain
topics more clearly.
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