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The Middle Colonies

No description

Mickey McSmarty

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of The Middle Colonies

The Middle Colonies

New York
Good Growing Season
North: New England Colonies
Good Seasonal Weather
New Jersey
Fertile Soil

Wide Rivers
South: Southern Colonies
East: Atlantic Ocean
Appalachians Mountains
& French
Peter Minuit paid $24 to the Native Americans for New Amsterdam (Manhattan Island).
English ships sailed into New
Amsterdam (New York) to attack the Dutch
and claim the land.
William Penn's family got land for Pennsylvania for his family from King Charles II to replace the money the king owed.
East and West Jersey joined to form New
For money
For religion
Peter Minuit
Major People
Bought Manhattan Island for the Dutch
Paid only $24 to Native Americans
Started New Amsterdam settlement, capital of New Netherlands
Setup Fort Christina for New Sweden along Delaware River
Peter Stuyvesant
Became governor of New Amsterdam
Made laws that angered colonists
Did not practice tolerance
Controlled diversity
William Penn
Started Pennsylvania colony
Started the Quaker group of people
Created laws that people could worship freely
Respected Native Americans
Started the colony's first large city, Philadelphia
James Duke of York
King of England's son in 1644
Claimed New York and New Jersey
Gave New Jersey to 2 friends
Ben Franklin
Philadelphia's most famous citizen
Published Poor Richard's Almanac
Started first library, fire company and hospital
Great inventor and scientist
Did they do?
laborer, artisan
shipping, Triangular Trade
many different cultures
convinced people to move New Netherlands
fur trading posts
NY/NJ Farmers
governors collect councils to make decisions
first to allow representative election
believes people could worship freely
can be put in jail for beliefs
could approve or reject laws to prevent English
friendly to Native Americans
The End!
Thanks for watching!
many sunny days
plenty of rain
Laborer: A person that does hard work.
Artisan: Someone who is skilled at hand making
Colonists disliked Peter Stuyvesant, the
governor, so much, they refused to fight the
English to keep New Amsterdam.
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