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demonstration and presentation of Fundations

Angela Herrlinger

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Fundations

Fundations a Wilson language program Author: Barbara Wilson,who was a special education teacher and speech therapist, devised a system for phonics instruction called Wilson Reading System, published in 1988. This programwas based off Orton-Gillingham's principles on reading instruction. Later in 2002, Fundations, a phonemic program, was published that contained the basic components of the Wilson Reading system. History of Fundations Fundations is a specialized reading instruction program that focuses on the primary level.

The program provides hands-on manipulatives and books, while the monitoring progress can be on the computer.

The program has suggestions on what teacher can say but deviate from them.

Fundations provides a teacher manual, student notebook and workbooks to complete the program.

Cost: $785 for the multi-level kit
$ 69 progress monitoring for K level
$ 99 progress monitoring for 1 level
also: various prices for individual items Details of the program According to Florida Center of Reading Research, the following strengths of Fundations are: it is a highly systemic program, offers a wide variety of letters, it is multi-sensory,and gives frequent practice for the students.
However, What Works Clearinghouse is unable to draw conclusions about Fundations due to lack of sufficient research (U.S. Dept. of Education). How effective is the program? What is this program? 1. a systemic phonics approach

2. skills are taught explicitly, sequentially, and systemically

3. instruction is cumulative and scaffolds present skills

4. four programs in one

5. extensive practice provides students with multiple opportunities for skills development

6. assessment monitor students throughout the program (this is done on the computer)

7. manual and instructional multimedia CD provide comprehensive guide for teachers and support staff

8. home support pack encourages parental involvement
(www.fundations.com) Program Highlights As mentioned before, Fundations provide prevention and early intervention.
The tiers a student will go through is tier one and two while sometimes three) Fundation Tiers: Components of the program: Writing Components of the program(2): Training for teachers/support staff: Training for the program: National Reading Panel stated effective phonemic awareness helps children learn how to read, spell, and manipulate phonemes. A success reading program focuses on only one or two types of phonics instruction. Overall, the Fundations program seems to cover all the five components that NRP recommends.
In my opinion, Fundations provides all the essential components in their reading program. This program offers foundational elements in reading instruction, while making it fun for the students thus its name Fundations. My former mentor teacher, who is in special education, uses this program on their vowel sounds, reading(tracking), and writing. From my short time in her classroom, I can see an improvement with these students who have learned from this program. I witnessed some first graders finally able to work in their grade-level Fundations workbooks through the guidance of my former mentor teacher. My assessment of the program: Fundations is program that emphasis a combined systemic/multi-sensory approach to teaching the foundation for reading.

It covers the key elements of reading instruction that embraces the five essential components that NRP has established necessary: phonemic awareness, phonics and word study, comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency. 1. phonological/phonemic awareness:
tapping out the sounds for blending and segmenting of phonemes. (this is used daily)

2. phonics/word study

3. vocabulary

4. sight word instruction

5. fluency

6. handwriting

7. written composition

8. comprehension Key Elements in Fundations Level program progress 1. program workshops:
Wilson language training offers a one day workshop that helps educators understand the components of Fundations. There are two different workshops they offer: Wilson Fundations Level Workshop and Fundations Intervention and Progress Monitoring workshop
2. coaching visits:
These visits help educators properly implement the Fundations program in their schools.
3. sustainability plan: Wilson language training shows school districts how to keep Fundations as a sustainable model for reading instruction (Fundations.con)
4. Wilson Academy/Prevention Learning community
This program helps support teachers who are using Fundations in their classroom. letter sounds: sounding out letters (with the cards) http://www.fundations.com/levelk.aspx Tapping out sounds Echo baby Echo References Wilson reading program (in tiers) Another method: Fundation workbook Writing cont. helps students know where to put letters Letter formation guidelines Brown-Chidsy. & Steege,M. (2005). Response to intervention: Principles and strategies for effective practice. New York: Guilford Press.

Brady, S. and Moats, L. (1997). What teachers need to know for informed reading instruction.

  http:// www. readingrockets.org/article/252/?theme=print.

Goss, C. and Brown-Chidsy, R. (2011). Tier 2 reading interventions: Comparsion of Reading

Mastery and Fundations Double Dose, Preventing School Failure: Alternative Educaton for children and Youth, 56:1, 65-74. RTI model Learning First Alliance (2000) 9 Components of effective, research-supported reading instruction.
http:// www.readingrockets.org/article/50/? theme=print

Savage, J. (2007). Sound it out!: Phonics in a comprehensive reading program (3rd ed).  Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill.

Wilson, B. and Carlo, R. (2004). Fundations: Teacher’s manual level 2. Corporation. Oxford, MA: Wilson Language Training

www. ferr.org
www. fundations.com References cont.
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