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Skydoesminecraft's Sky army!

No description

Isaiah Obert

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Skydoesminecraft's Sky army!

Hello many people do Minecraft mod show cases but one man so great does it the best and his name is Adam(Skydoesminecraft. I think you should pick him as a epic role model Personality Hes like a comedian and a tutorial guy at the same time and he has good jokes also he likes to call the gold in Minecraft butter cause it looks like butter to him and he is one great guys.Another party of his personality is that hes competitive in many games, hes challenging to face and is one great man and hes some cool guy. mods and maps hes done Hes done many from the creepypasta mod to Explosions+ mod and he is one great guy hes done all of it (not yet) and hes the top man EVAR.Hes been doing maps also from Spleef to Super smash bros craft maps so hes one epic man this is another reason why hes a very good role model. Why Skydoesminecraft is a role model? WHY IS HE FAMOUS! He is famous because he is the one mod showcaser that has hit A 1,000,000 subscribers that is a GREAT achievement and hes famous for all of that stuff and he is the greatest in Minecraft.He has also been one cool guy hes been doing other stuff like minepranks (pranks with him and her GF/soon to be wife dawnables) and many random things so hes one man thats epic. Vote this link for funnyness Vote this link for a mod show
case Why is he a role model Hes a good role model he teaches you how to do minecraft mod showcases and hes a funny guy to watch hes just the right guy if you wanna be a mod showcaser. i'll leave you at the and hes still alive you might be lucky to meet him.
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