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Snake Milker

No description

zubair mumal

on 1 April 2010

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Transcript of Snake Milker

Snake MIlker Why is it considered weird/unique?

I think that this job is considered weird or unique
because it is a very rare job. Its not everyday that you
meet a snake milker, especially in Canada. This job is
also very unique because it is dangerous
Is this a known job? I think most people in the class
have probably heard about this job.
The only reason i think someone
would not have heard about it is because
in Canada this is not as popular of a job
then in other countrys. Only because Canada
does not have to many types of venomous

Would i consider this as a future job? I don't think i would consider this
as a future career. Although this job may save
someones life, I would not like to
be playing around with venomous snakes
for the rest of my life. Job Title : Snake Milker

Job Description:
- This job is basically forcing a venomous snake to bite on a membrane that milks the venom. The venom is then used to create an antidote for people who have been bit by that particular snake.

Job Salary : This job does not have a certain amount that can be made. It is entirely on how much you milk and what snakes. Some snake venom can be worht up to 2000 $ per gram

Education/ Training: After reaserching the topic i could not find any education or training that is needed to start this occupation.

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