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luke wright epq

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Luke Wright

on 11 May 2014

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Transcript of luke wright epq

To investigate Spanish football
1: How it has changed the way other teams view and play football.
2: How Spanish football has changed itself from 1990 to the present day.
How has Spanish football changed?

In 1988 former Barcelona and Netherlands player Johan Cryuff took over Barcelona F.C. as manager...
... from there on he changed the way the team played and created a winning mentality within the team, he instilled an attractive way of playing based on short passing and movement, he took the style from his playing days with the Netherlands in which they called it "total football"

From this, Cryuff reignited a new generation of football styles. His ideas were then developed by Pep Guardiola who himself played under Cryuff at Barcelona. Guardiola carried on Cryuff's methods of short passing and movement and built a structural element around it as he brought his own ideas and tactics to the team.This helped him win 14 trophies(La Liga (3),Copa del Rey(2)
,Supercopa de España (3),UEFA Champions League (2),
UEFA Super Cup (2),FIFA Club World Cup (2)) when he was Barcelona manager...
... this passing mentality also helped provide an ethos that carried onto the Spanish national team, first through Luis Aragones...
Then through Vincente Del Bosque who
managed Spain, helping them win the
European Championships in 2008 and
the World cup in 2010...
The Spanish team gained many plaudits from fans, pundits and players worldwide for their "attractive" brand of football known as "tiki taka"...
The Spanish success meant many managers wanted to replicate their way of playing, a method of keeping the ball. None more so then current Liverpool Manager Brendan Rodgers
For the "tiki-taka" style to work and prevail, players need to show respect for their coach and buy into their philosophy, both Guardiola and Cruyff made it clear they were the boss and were very strict so that the players were very professional; early signs show that Rodgers is trying to do the same...
The Spanish as shown have influenced teams around the world... yet many don't match the success of the Spanish teams
To conclude my presentation, I can say that by investigating Spanish football for my Extended project, it is clear to see that the Spanish are the apex of modern football. The truth is that they have worked hard to reach the top of the footballing pyramid and along the way they have acquired a huge number of admirers who wish to replicate the style and success of the Spaniards.

Thankyou for listening!!!
Any Questions?

Premier League champions 2011-2012
Champions League Winners 2012-1013
Although some do...
But is the Spanish influence here as much as it seems. Well after some calculations I have worked out that 68 % of the Barcelona team that played atleast once in the 2010-2011 season (where Barcelona won the league and champions league) under Guardiola, were Spanish. That equates to 21 out of the 31 players used were Spanish players.

I compared this to the current Bayern Munich team that Pep is currently managing and found out that just 7% of the Bayern Munich team are Spanish, eaquating to 2 out of the 27 players used being Spanish, and one of these Guardiola had signed....from Barcelona.

Ofcourse there is expected to be less Spanish players in a German club but in my opinion, this could be a contributing factor as to why Peps first season hasn't been too great. He just likes working with Spanish footballers.
Influenced others?
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