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Customer Empathy Map

No description

Morgan Meade

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Customer Empathy Map

What do they think and feel? I want to have fun
Everyone always tells me what to do
Does my teacher approve?
What do my friends think?
Will my parents like this?
What will I be when I grow up?
Adults are boring
Jobs will be boring and hard
School is boring
What will we do today?
When will I have fun today?
Why can't we have more time for _______?
No one listens to my ideas What do they hear? Focus on math and science
Do your homework!
You won't earn money from art/creativity
Your interests and talents are just for fun
Pay attention!
Follow the rules
Color inside the lines
Do as I say
Follow the schedule
That's silly
You're too young, maybe when you're older Children What do they see? Stressed-out adults
Other children in school and structured extracurriculars
Neighbors and friends in peer/age group
Lots of things for the very first time
Environment may or may not facilitate creative thinking
On a daily basis, emphasis is on acculturation to societal expectations, "fitting in" versus standing out What do they say and do? Always looking around at environment, drawing inferences
Very open to new things generally
May complain of boredom
Ask a lot of questions
Play inventive games
Much of free time spent in creative activity naturally
Most of the day is spent at school and in planned activities Gains Develop/sustain creativity
Encouragement of outside of the box thinking vs. conformity
Harnessing curiosity, teaching how to use it to be successful
Opportunity to explore unique interests and talents
New, exciting, engaging, learning experience
Time to interact with peers
Personalized attention from mentors
Feeling/demonstration of ability to make a difference in the community
Confidence SEED - Athens Customer Empathy Map Students Encouraging Entrepreneurial Development
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