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Work ON campus this year

No description

Deborah Rydman

on 29 July 2017

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Transcript of Work ON campus this year

Help students, faculty, and staff check out materials at the Library's Circulation Desk...
Math and English tutors and testing proctors are needed in our Learning Center. Below is what a typical day looks like...
Students work as groups or one-on-one with our tutors.
Meet Augie - he is the supervisor for our math tutors...
And this is Hildegard, the Learning Center Director...
As a writing tutor, you'd be working with students in our Writing Studio.
As a tutor, you'd be working with students one-on-one.
Meet Tom - he was a writing tutor here at UAS...
...as well media items...
...and assist a diverse group of visitors.
Get a job
...ON campus!

Learning Center
Hey Tom!
Student Activities Board (SAB) plans epic events all year long...
This is Tara...she would be your supervisor.
You'd help plan these events as a Student Assistant...
Humans vs. Zombies is HUGE - over 200 students play each year. Don't forget to bring your nerf gun with you to college!
Student Assistants are needed at the Rec Center:
Help coordinate students using our Climbing Wall...
Check out outdoor equipment rentals to students...
Help plan events like "Blacklight Dodgeball"...
The Lakeside Grill is the place to be!
Our cafeteria serves lots of people and is a great place to hang out...
And you can't beat the view...
Like to write? Be a reporter for the Whalesong, our campus newspaper...
You'd be working with people that are fun like these three!
...with some deadlines thrown in :)
You'll DEFINITELY have fun working with our Information Technology (IT) department...
Meet Manni...he LOVES his job!
And this is Cindy...she would be your supervisor
Nice work Manni!
Let's take a tour of where YOU could be working next!
Meet Dave Klein - he would be your supervisor...
Apply for these jobs:
REC Climbing Wall Coordinator & Rental Gear Specialist
Campus Recreation Assistant
Apply at: www.alaska.edu/jobs/
Explore Jobs at UA
Student Employee

Apply for these jobs:
Library Assistant
Math Tutor
English Tutor
Apply for these jobs:
Food Service Student Assistant
Food Service Espresso Worker
Apply for this job:
Student Activities Board Assistant
Apply for these jobs:
Whalesong Reporters
Whalesong Photographer
Apply for these jobs:
Information Technology Services (A)
Information Technology Services (B)
Career Services can help!
Contact Deb Rydman
Career Services Advisor
for assistance:
See you on campus in the fall!
When you work for our IT Services, you could be working at our help desk....
...or supporting classes at
the help desk in the library...
...or helping our Media Services by recording classes or events like graduation.
Hey Traci!
Peer Advisors can help with:
Academic Advising questions
Student support resources

Ask Nick! Or Elizabeth!
Apply for:
Student Assistant - Peer Advisor
Work as a Cashier for our Student Accounts office
Apply for:
Student Cashier
These ladies keep our campus solvent!
And Jodi...she'd be your supervisor!
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