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The Campaign Trail

No description

Shay Germany

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of The Campaign Trail

Winnig The Vote

Getting the Nomination
People found alot more ways to promote candidates in political campaign over the years. Hats Off To Politics
Political campaigns give you a chance to express yourself ; ) Campaigning
Tokens &'dd objects represent American popular culture &'dd politics; ways to make voters feel connected to the candidates of their choice. Getting Out the vote
It was very difficult back then to get Americans to put their right to vote to use. Torchlight Parades
There were thousands of citizens marching accross cities leading up to an election to cast use a bllot for their candidate Inaugurations
Inaugurations is a way to showcase people's eelings towards politics.

Inaugural Parades
At inagural parades the impressions made by the candidates sets the tone for the next 4 years in office.

Oath of Office
The required oath from the president is a 35 word oath that is a symbol of our government continuity.

Inaugural balls have grown into many distinctive affairs The Right To Vote
There were many controversies and alot of discrimination to determine who had the rights to vote or not
James Madison George Washington Thomas Jefferson John Adams The Campaign Trail
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