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WWII was a huge time for woman. Our rights

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ashley gaudenti

on 1 September 2015

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Transcript of WWII was a huge time for woman. Our rights

WWII was a huge time for woman. Our rights
were officially equal! Women were allowed to
enter the war and serve their country!
During WWII over 350,000 women were proudly
serving their country to victory! Not to mention the
work force being 37% woman!
It was a man named George Marshall that approved
woman's right to fight with the statement
"there are innumerable duties now being preformed
by soldiers that can be done better by women."
It was an official law May 15, 1942 the WAAC
Women's Auxiliary Army Corps.

WAAC's worked as nurses, ambulance drivers, radio operators, electricians, and pilots. Any duty that did not evolve harsh combat. By 1943, thousands of women had been enlisted in the U.S. Army.
This was a huge time for women because we not only gained incredible rights but it was out time to shine and show America what we are capable of doing! Even those who did not have a hope of joining the WAAC still got a huge benefit of taking jobs at home of men and women who were gone. WWII changed the lives of all American women forever.
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