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Lasse Hagen

on 16 February 2012

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Transcript of Kaospilot

Personal data
Name : Lasse Hagen
Address : St. Sct. Mikkelsgade 21, 1c - 8800 Viborg
Nationality: Danish
Age: 20 (31-05-89)
Gender: Male
Phone: +45 20581659
E-mail: Lassethemadsen@hotmail.com
They say that the best stories are the ones of your own, and this is no exception.

This story is about a man, in a little country, in a big world. The man in this story is by many people called Lasse. He is not greater or more powerful than so many other people in this world. But he has one thing that separates him from the horde. And that is his tireless struggle to understand and learn about the things surrounding him.
Lasse moved alone to Vejle, in the age of 17 in order to study innovation, at Vejle Businessschool, so he could make his dream come true of becoming self-employed one day.
Creative assignment
I have never been very fond of the whole school system in Denmark. It is always about the theoretical aspect and understanding, but we sometimes have to go out there, into the real world and try the theory, before we can understand what is right and what is wrong. I do not understand why we are trying to compete in an area of expertise in which we are not actually experts. We try so hard to be the smartest people with a high degree of advanced knowledge and at the same time we forget to compare ourselves with people from other countries. In Denmark we actually think we have a sort of copyright on knowledge. But that ship has sailed a long time ago, we have to be more advanced in different areas, we have to make creative solutions and new ideas that can truly make a difference. We can not compete in knowledge when the Chinese are absorbing the same amount of wisdom in months which take us up to 3 years to learn.
The School System
What are your motivations for applying to The KaosPilots?
This is one of the reasons why Lasse i trying to enter a very fine education in Denmark called, The KaosPilot witch can prepare him to compete on a global basis and help him to travelling around the world and working in any corner of it.
I am not totally new in the area of making interesting projects and ideas. Unfortunately I have never carried one of my biggest ideas all the way to the end. And this is one of the other reasons why I am trying to become a KaosPilot, so I can get the tools and methods I need to complete projects and ideas. I was a part of a project group called ElkInnovation witch I was very proud of. The group was mainly making industrial designs and ideas in order to make life a little more fun.
ELK Innovation
Which idea, project or business - are you most proud of?
Lasse was founder of the group. His motivation was a curiosity of making new products and trying to give them a real life cyclus. An organisation called BizArt helped the group to get a 70 M² office – all furnished.
The group consisted of 3 persons with different educational and geographical backgrounds.
In the golden days the group had an office in Vejle and a lot of attention drawn to themselves from the local business world. I also made a presentation about innovation in front of the Ministry of Education. Additionally, I visited various events either as participant or presenter: Danish challenge award, innovation camp, EMAX Nordic, Nokia camp, Leader for a day. These events helped facilitating my understanding of innovation and networking.
The Group
If I am not entering the education, this year, I am going to travel the world. If not my newest project is working out. The new project is called Hagen&Ulfkjær, an it works like this – Two people with a passion for making entertaining lectures with facts about constructing and performing a presentation. The show is designed to educate students from various schools and organisations as an exiting counter weight to the normal doll lecture you see around the whole country. It’s a mix of normal lecturing with an edge of comedy.
To travel around in the whole world is Lasses biggest dream and this is what hi is hoping to do after graduating from Team 17- and most likely the following10 years.
Five years after graduating from the KaosPilots – Team 17, what will you be doing?
I have one unseen superpower not many people are aware of, and frankly,I do not like to brag about it. But when no one is looking at me I become totally invisible. I am using this power when I need to be alone and relax with my own thoughts. If you do not believe me you can try to close your eyes when you look at the picture of me that you find here.
Leadership is about making quick decisions after consulting the people who are working for you. You also have to motivate them so that they are contributing positively to the team. The team must also know, that they are working for a strong leader who can stand up and take the blame in case something goes wrong. We are working together, we are winning together, and we are losing together! You also see leadership in your everyday life, when a friend is motivating another friend e.g. …. ?.
What do you see as leadership?
One of the most interesting companies in the world is IDEO. They are clearly the biggest company in developing and creating new ideas and concepts that are changing the world radically. They are working with projects in a new way which can only be described as “out-of-the-box” methods.
They go out to the target group and they are making the concept too. They find out how they are as persons and how they interact with things. After a formal investigation they create a team consisting of different people with different backgrounds and competences. It could be 2 scientists, 1 nurse, 1 architect and a computer geek. And they cooperate in developing a new concept or ide, which are tailor-made to the group of people who are actually going to use it. IDEO created the first mouse for Apple.
Name a brand or a private business that you find interesting
It could be very interesting to work side-by-side with the guys from IDEO but a more challenging working site would clearly be Macintosh. A company with a cutting-edge of being 10 steeps ahead of the world. And if something is challenging it is to invent things that impress because of its advancement and at the same time make it usable for the normal consumer. I have always imagined that Macintosh is the sort of company where everything is possible.
Name the brand or private business that would be challenging to work for
A culture organisation that might find Lasse interesting is Aarhus festuge It is a week long festival in Aarhus city with music, street theatre and a lot of different cultural offers. He could tribute to the idea and planning processes.
A person who has been a good teacher and a big
inspiration to me was Anne Skare Nielsen whom I met
at Leader for a Day. She is a great leader and business
woman who showed me the importance of looking
beyond the tip of my nose. A funny but very true thing
she told me was, “ there are to kinds of parties the
new-years evening where everything is planned and you don’t dare to do anything spontaneously. The other party is, where a friend drops by when you are barbecuing and another friend after that, and suddenly you are partying in the garden. You decide what you find most fun”
Anne Skare Nielsen
Who has been a good teacher for you? Why?
Anne Skare Nielsen and Lasse Hagen
Lasse Hagen
Jesper Christiansen
Anne Lundgaard
I surprised my self one day when some of my friends were coming home from the city after they had been drinking. My roommate should work early in the morning. I woke up and started to yell at them, saying things like “in this house, we go to bed at 11 am”, I was almost like a parent. And that was a weird side of myself
When was the last time you surprised yourself?
The parent in me
Lasse is a person who is always standing up for the things he believes in. He follow the things that he believes are right and he does not like to do things that sound ridicules to him. But there is always a time to lead and a time to be lead – If you find the one person who possess the truth, then follow.

Greatest cultural experience
Greatest music album
I always dance when I am going out. I am not the type of guy who dresses up and go out to a club to dance. I am more the type of guy you find in a pub and then later on goes into the clubs and start dancing.
But the last time I danced was very nice. I made my dance “The Gravedigger”. It is a very easy dance, you simply pretend to dig a hole on the dance floor
– and here is the tricky part, you suppose to do it with an airshovel.
My belief system was put to a test when one of my friends told about a theory. A theory that claims that we are raised to earn money and to spend it. And if this is truth our life is already planned and we do not work to live but live to work. I believe in quality rather than quantity in every aspect of my life.
The meaning of life
When was your belief system last challenged? – Please describe...
If I was an (Evil) mad scientist I would invent a pill that would make eating unnecessary. You might ask yourself “is this not a good thing?”
Well, yes it is, for the starving children in Africa and other people who do not possess a lot of money. But if people start to eat this pill instead of normal food because it is a lot cheaper and time saving, businesses will collapse, restaurants, supermarkets, the farmers and people who makes plates. The economy would crumble but the Co2 problem would be fixed.
Mad Scientist
If you where a mad scientist what would you invent?
Innovation house in Esbjerg
The purpose of an innovation house in Esbjerg is to promote interest in entrepreneurship and innovation among young people particularly in Esbjerg. The house will serve as a place where young enthusiasts meet, form networks, share experiences, ideas and knowledge and can be one anothers constructive criticism. The house will provide the framework for an exclusive environment where innovation is cultivated.
- New technologies such as RFID chips.
- To provide an underground environment and a greater interest in innovation among young people in Esbjerg
- To help changing the image from the fishing town of Esbjerg especially among young people.
- Creating an "innovation machine": a collection where you can find former members of the network, see their skills and maybe form a useful network with them
- External institutions can benefit from the network, for example help or make use of some of the events or see the new technology.
Age Indicator 17-22 years
Innovative entrepreneurship:
Innovative entrepreneurs are very heterogeneous and diverse groups that exist across industries. The term innovative entrepreneurs means different types of entrepreneurs who have the thing in common that they develop new ideas, products, services, concepts or processes.
There are three main types of innovation, and the network must accommodate entrepreneurs of all three types;
Focuses on the fundamental development of new technical and scientific principles as a precondition for new products, processes or services.
Technological innovation
Adaption-oriented innovation
Market Innovations
Combination of known technologies and knowledge for the generation of new knowledge and technologies which are used to develop ideas, products or services processor.
Creative combination of proven technology and knowledge to produce new ideas, concepts, products, processes or services. It may be in the form of new designs or new versions of existing services.
Admission Requirements
Each applicant must make an application within one's own designs. The application must be followed by a conversation with us. If applied for physical premises the entire business or project groups apply together.
The applicants must of course meet the target indicator.
Requirements for members
The only requirement made is that the network must be maintained. This implies that you show up for the various events and also contributes to the network to come in the house regularly.
There is no standard requirement for how many times you have to show up or how much you should be in the house.
The aim is to form a network of innovative young entrepreneurs between 17 and 22 years played out in physical space and is therefore not imaginary.
The capacity of the network will depend on the local size but in principle about 5 companies that have leased premises and 30 common members.
Esbjerg Innovation House is a non-profit project and will be financed either by companies or the government.
There does not exist any direct open platform for innovation and entrepreneurship in Esbjerg. The only visible initiative for innovation and entrepreneurship in the region is Idea House which is exclusively for students from higher educational institutes. However, Idea House is a very closed platform where there is only room for 6 companies / projects and where non-members cannot participate in the community. Idea House purpose is to strengthen existing projects. The platform we will create, however, will strengthen both the existing projects and in a much larger scale young entrepreneurs. At a formal platform I will not only apply to students in certain types of training but to young people who have ambition and commitment in innovation and entrepreneurship.
The platform I will create will also be able to hold open events and be a representative of the latest technology which not only members of the network will benefit from, but Esbjerg city generally.
Livelihood in Esbjerg
Real World
Cultural Diversity
do not know what the album is called but the artist is Jason Mraz. It is very well-played music with fantastic lyrics. It has the quality that all music should have. When you have heard a bit of it you want to hear more.
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