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My Writing Portfolio by Allison Burleson

An accumulation of all my genius writing hence forth to this date.

Allison Burleson

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of My Writing Portfolio by Allison Burleson

An accumulation of my genius writings hence forth to this date. Allison's Portfolio Five-Year Plan Education, training, or work:
Go to college for performing arts
Volunteer at hospice
Go on a mission
Start masters is psychology or physical therapy (BYU Idaho)
Participate in a bunch of plays and productions

Becoming independent:
Move into the LCC living center
Earn money for my own rent
Get a job
Not depend on my parents for money
Handle life on my own

Community involvement:
Participating in and watching productions
Attending sports events
Start a study group or something
Participate in the singles ward (Mormon thing) Letter to Mom Dear momma,
I chose to write this letter to you because there's less of a chance of you crying than daddy. He's such a boob. Anyways, I'm supposed to write about the effect you've had on my life and whatnot, so here it goes.
You are the reason I am who I am today. You taught me how to not be swayed by other people's opinions and how that I am loved no matter what. There are so many kids who are all insecure and I'm just like "Don't you know that you're so loved?" But obviously they don't, so thanks for showing me that.
I also want to thank you immensely for giving me the ability to imagine and play. I'm so glad I'm not a boring person and know how to have fun, because life is fun and I never want it to be boring.
So that's basically all I can write without crying, so that's that.
With sincere love, Allison Anne Burleson. Letter to Freshman Dear freshie,
I was thinking about what I wish I knew when I was a freshman and came up with a couple of things. One, try your hardest to get good grades. I did not try my hardest to get good grades because I didn't care and let me tell you, it sucks to look back and know that I could have tried harder. Two, drama might seem fun to be involved in but it really isn't. You just have to get used to the fact that most people are fake liars and learn to accept that about them. Three, don't let anyone decide who you should be. In other words, don't become one of those fake liars. You have the choice to do whatever you want so why not take the liberty and do whatever you want, and I can promise you that you will gain much better friends by doing that as well.
Despite contrary belief, not all of high school is awful torture. For example, you sure get some pretty hilarious stories out it. It's also really fun to be involved in things like drama club and sports. It gives you an automatic group of friends and helps you figure what kind of things and people you're interested in being around. High school really helps you to figure out what kind of person you want to be and what you're really interested in doing the rest of your life.
There are also a lot of things to avoid in high school. I know it's really really hard not to judge people right off the bat, but it's really important not to. Everyone has their issues that they have to work through, even you, so just try your hardest to see the good in everyone. Because there is good in everyone.
Ok, now for the annoying part if this letter. It's my job to tell you someone who you can always go to for help, and these people are your family, as much as you want to deny it. Your parents love you no matter what so go to them and ask for help because they want nothing more than to be able to help you and give advice that they learned in high school. We all know how much old people like to talk about their "experiences" and whatnot.
When I leave high school I hope to be remembered as the girl who was a fantastic actress, wore tutus every Tuesday and was nice to everyone. I'll probably also be known as the Mormon, which is basically inevitable, but I'm am completely OK with that because it means that I stood out and made a difference in people's lives.
Love, Allison Fantastic Pants the girl who just dose whatever she wants. Job References Intro to Me Thank you for your consideration! Points of Pride My Writings: Letter to Self Reflection of Enlish Writing Reflection of Non-English Writing Argumentative Write This I Believe Many people think that they can only choose one thing to do for their whole life, but I do not choose to believe that. After doing the math, I have realized that after graduating high school one can go into 4 different professions if they live to 100 years old if they go to 4 years of college for each profession and then work for 10 years. So that is what I am going to do. The professions I would currently like to go into consist of acting, psychology, a home-maker, and undecided. Order unknown. 1st place in novice duo freshman year My partner and I had competed with a piece called "Dud Wars" more than 5 times before we placed. Dancing on Pointe I danced with the Taj Dance Club in Fernley, Nv for 6 years working to get on pointe. My Wall of Art My wall of art is an accumulation of my favorite personal works of art. All 1s at marching festival I'm proud of my contribution to the marching band as the Bassline leader. Dear me,
I hope we're trying our hardest at achieving our goals. I know it's hard for us sometimes to get our head in the game because we're so easy going about some subjects that we shouldn't be as easy going about, but I hope we're trying our hardest. The issues we have/had at age 17 should not matter anymore, at least that's the hope. I hope we have accomplished our goals and not lost sight of how we truely believe a life should be lived. Remember that we did the math and you can choose 4 different professions in your lifetime, so do it. Live up to the potential. As a reminder, the professions we want to do are (1) act, perform professionally (2) be a psychologist and learn everything there is to know about psychology (3) be a fun mom and (4) whatever we feel like doing when we get there. So I hope we're sticking to that plan.
Here are some things I want us to remember about high school: don't let other people control you. Just do what you feel like doing and what makes you happy all the time. Keep looking for only the good in people. Don't here one bad thing about someone and decide you can never look at them the same way again. Lastly, high school was fun but it sucked. Don't you dare miss high school because we hate it and we hate all the immature people who think they're so grown up.
One last piece if advice. Let people take advantage of you. Worry about your own problems and not other people's issues. Just try your hardest to treat everyone like the person they are and give them the love they deserve and don't worry about whether or not they are returning that love. Because you have plenty.
Love, The 17-year-old Allison I believe in importance of people accepting themselves for who they are. I believe that all people on the earth are sons and daughters of God and that he loves us all. I believe that we all are entitled to a certain respect from not only other people, but from ourselves. It breaks my heart when I see other young women my age walk down the hall in a skirt that is short by anybody's standards and a shirt that obviously hasn't been washed in a while. Girls that are not respectful for their bodies for whatever reason. Starving themselves or wearing too much makeup or causing physical harm to thier bodies, or with a guy that's not respectful towards them in any way. I want to cry for them. I want so bad for everybody to feel loved and to know that they are good enough to have whatever they want. Obviously nobody's perfect when it comes to fully accepting themself, especially not me. However, I try in every way possible to remember that I am a special individual, even though it is so amazingly hard sometimes. The overall hardest time to stay confident in myself is when people outwardly show that they have no respect for me, as it is for most people. That's why I never purposely talk down to people. I know what it's like to feel insignificant, as do most people, and I don't believe anybody ever deserves to be treated that way. Not under any surcumstances. So that's why I believe so much in the importance of people accepting themselves as who they are and not how other people make them. I believe that worth is measured in the amount of love you can accept from yourself. A deep inner confidence and peace that comes with self love, expectancies of what is real about yourself. When you can love and accept the good about yourself, you are more capable of loving and accepting others; it's contagious.
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