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Introduction to NFPA 28

Compliance Basics

Conspectus, Inc.

on 13 February 2018

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Transcript of Introduction to NFPA 28

Foam plastic in exterior walls
Combustible weather barriers
NFPA 285 Assembly Testing
Became UBC 26-9 in 1994 UBC
Introduced in response to EIFS cladding
Has appeared in every issue since
Extended to include other
combustible materials
Proprietary testing because full assembly is tested
Using ASTM E84 Class A
materials is not sufficient
MCM Metal composite material panels
HPL High pressure laminate panels
Code Compliance Paths
Use non combustible materials
Use tested assemblies
1988 UBC
2000 IBC
2009 IBC
2012 IBC
Avoid combustibles
Follow the test
or not
Use mineral wool
Interior face
of Masonry or Concrete and masonry drainage cavities
What about
continuous insulation?
In stud cavities
Is it really that simple?
Yes that simple,
but it's not continuous
Yes that simple,
and may be continuous
Not that simple
How is cladding supported
and opening heads protected?
Use metal plate cladding
Is it really that simple?
only without
foam insulation
get engineering judgement
for project specifics
Compliance Basics
Introduction to NFPA 285
insulation manufacturer websites
Where can I get information on tested assemblies?
Added other plastic materials
WRB with non combustible cladding
Through wall flashings
Extended materials exempted as WRB
WRB with limited combustibility
WRB flashings
2015 IBC
2018 IBC
Just when you think you figured it out...
Added exceptions
NFPA 285-17
NFPA 285-12
NFPA 285-06
NFPA 285-06
NFPA 285-98
first edition
Energy code may dictate
continuous insulation
UBC 17-6
does not exist - sent back to committee
1976 - First US Panelized EIFS Project
Sauer Glock Kimmons, Architects
The Standard
Standard Fire Test Method for Evaluation of Fire Propagation Characteristics of Exterior Non-Load-Bearing Wall Assemblies Containing Combustible Components
NFPA 285-12
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