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No description

Rachel Rosa

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of STROKE!

What ? STROKE! By Rachel Rosa ischemic stroke hemorrhagic stroke. The inability to judge distances
Short-term memory loss
Impulsive behavior
Paralysis of the left side of the body Paralysis of the right side of the body
speech and communication
Short-term memory loss. DEATH/COMA WHO? TREATMENT? +55 9p21 12p13 Go to Stroke Center at Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience Sketchy treatments: Levadopa A miniature neurostimulator on the roof of the upper jaw for 5 days Stem cells (Huston) Weird Facts - Apoplexy
- "Brain Attack"
- 1990 (NSA)
- "Heart Attack" THANK YOU :) Statistics 30% needed assistance to walk
26% needed help with activities such as cooking, feeding, and paying their bills
19% had trouble speaking, or understanding others when they speak
35% had feelings of depression
50% had some degree of paralysis on one side of the body
26% became nursing home residents
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