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Japan's Population Policies

Find out what policies the Japanese government has put in place to correct its negative growth rate and what affect this will have on future populations.

Caitlin Bell

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Japan's Population Policies

What have they done? Japan's Population Policies Japan has experienced a negative growth rate and has a population that is only getting older.
This may sound like an obvious point to make, but it really is getting older! By 2055 the Japanese elderly are projected to make up 45% of the population. The dependency ratio in Japan is high.
DEPENDENCY RATIO: the number of dependents, like children and the elderly, versus those people working and making $$ Why is this a problem? Children will have to stop spending $$ and save $$ instead in order to help take care of their elderly relatives.

There are fewer children growing up to become workers while there will be more retiring. that retailers are dropping their prices because people aren't spending their money.
The Japanese won't be able to maintain their high standard of living as this dependency ration gets worse (higher) This means ... The smaller proportion of young people is causing other problems too... Some schools and colleges have closed because there aren't enough students to attend them
The Armed Forces (military) can't find enough recruits so Japan's ability to defend themselves is weakened
Shortage of workers in Japan's electronics industry means that they aren't able to develop the newer and more amazing products Eek! What is going on? 2009 - a programme was developed to help women to continue working and bring up children
Japanese men were encouraged to help with child-rearing allowing mum's to stay in the workforce
The Japanese can continue working after age 65
Encourage skilled migrants from the Philippines and South Korea Strategies? The government raised the age at which you can receive your pension to 65 from 60
A long-term insurance scheme was brought in so the elderly can be sure that their needs later in life will be met
Increasing access to degenerative diseases and specialist clinics since the older populations are more likely to develop diseases like cancer, dementia, arthritis
Build more care homes for the elderly since there are fewer children to look after them Strategies continued... The Japanese government promised to work towards improving this situation but then part of the country was completely devastated by the earthquake and tsunami.
They will now be spending millions of yen to help rebuild... So, how is it all going?
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