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Problem and Solution

No description

Megan Stephenson

on 27 October 2015

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Transcript of Problem and Solution

Problem and Solution
Problem and Solution
In these passages the author will state a problem and a solution.

Have you had a problem?
How did you solve it?
Did you learn anything from solving your problem.?
problem can be between individuals
or groups,or it might be with something
that is going on in the world. A problem
might even occur with just one person.
Solving the problem!
Helpful Hints
1. Identify the issue or problem
2. Explain how people resolved it or attempted to solve.
3. Solution
A way to organize information
Missing books
Attempted Solutions
Put books in closet
Have students lock their books in cabinet.
Red Flag Words
one answer is
Sue loves to eat apples, but lost
her two front teeth.
Austin wanted to ride his bike,
but when he went to get
on it there was a flat tire.
Madison was going on a field
trip to the planetarium, but
didn't know anything about
the stars.
Sue's mom said she would cut
her apple in small pieces so she
could still eat it.
Austin and his dad went to the
bike shop with the flat tire and
had it repaired.
Madison went to the library in
school and took out some
books on stars.
Park School had a terrible problem. Every day at recess,
students would argue over the slides. Teachers had to
spend time every day taking care of the arguments.
Finally, one teacher came up with a great solution.
They bought another
set of slides that everyone could enjoy.
Many students have been getting low scores on tests and this is upsetting to parents, teachers, and students. Low test scores show that teachers aren’t teaching effectively or that students aren’t learning. Either way it’s an issue with which we are concerned. I propose the following: any teacher who is giving a test should open up their classroom for study groups the night and morning before the test. Maybe by giving students extra opportunities to study, we can improve students’ test scores.
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