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No description

Felix Paul

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of busy-as-a-bee

Busy as a Bee Imagine... Or Imagine that... How is that possible? Go online.

Click on:

Post your need:

Wait for cost-efficient offers.

Let "busy-bees" work for YOU! Idea & Offering Idea: Within a students lifecycle 3 major activities take place circulary


Party hard


Need help to carry in and building up furniture Need help to clean up the morning-after-mess Need help to remove and carry out furniture Idea & Offering Offer: Providing a virtual place for students to help each other

…within the main pillars („Moving“ and „Partying“):
Users can outsource different duties
Users can undertake the task of doing
Deals are arranged by the users themselves!
Target Customers Students within a German-speaking country (Austria, Germany, Switzerland), which are registered on the platform
Value Proposition Cost-efficient solutions:

Stress reduction
Time saving
Special offers (e.g. vouchers)

Profit Formula Industrial and target group related advertisment

==> Home-centers (e.g. IKEA, Möbelix)
==> Car rental companies (e.g. AVIS, Sixt)
==> Lifestyle Companies (e.g. RedBull, Becks)
==> Companies who target students (e.g. banks, insurance agencies, travel agencies)
Overall Potential New markets (e.g. English-speaking countries)
New customer segments (e.g. „single bees“)
Sell „Busy as a Bee“
Imagine... Social Incentives

Communication - Blog --> creating a community
Rankings --> E.g. who is the best helper?
Ranking --> E. g. who ist the busiest/laziest bee?
Contest (can become material incentive as well)
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