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Storm Drain Pollution

By: Japjot Bal Amy Chou Shane Lamba Devin Trubey For our Change project we stenciled storm drains and researched about storm drain pollution.

Japjot Bal

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Storm Drain Pollution

Storm Drain Pollution The Problem: Many countries face storm drain pollution. Including America Mexico, China, and India. Japjot Bal
Amy Chou
Shane Lamba
Devin Trubey Our Solution: We stenciled 106 storm drains. Schools we stenciled are
Horner, Warm Springs,
Weibel, Hirsch, and Fremont Vistas(HOA). 16 hours of service over 5 days. Neighborhood: 26,000 plastic bags were found in many Bay Area cities. 50 million dollars being planned to be
spent to set up mechanisms to capture trash under
our storm drain pipelines. Service!!! Pictures below are of our service. As you can see in
the pictures there is
a lot of trash around drains. Thank You! I have learned what
a difference a few students
can make.
I have also learned how to work
together to make a difference. I learned
how dangerous storm drain pollution can be. Before After My group stenciled drains at different schools to
raise awareness on the issue of storm drain pollution Pollutants my group found near drains that we stenciled.
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