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Make it, not fake it!

No description

Katerina Stoyanova

on 16 February 2013

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Transcript of Make it, not fake it!

GOAL To involve at least 20 local volunteers in year based long term projects and activities within 3 working groups (Eco WG, PR WG, Social WG) and to spread volunteering in the local community Program Volunteer position Selection:
-Legal check
-Motivation letter
-Reference by the partner organization (specific project related person)
-Skype interview with a case study to resolve   - Organizing training on Volunteer management for EVS volunteers
-Recuiting and coordinating the WGs
-Upgrading the personal qualifications and skills on EVS volunteers
-Motivating the EVS volunteers revive the tree working groups and
keep them involved in projects/ working WHAT WE NEED? - Mr SWOT ANALYSES,
can you help us?

- Sure, but please also ask
the Sexy Facebook Survey!

- Deal, we will aslo add the
results from a Focus group! If you ask the people
"What do you need?"
they will say: BUT in THE real NGO World
it works like that So once again -ECO WG:
Long term project: Green spaces – project for education of people how to create and sustain more green spaces in their neighborhoods.
Long term project: Volunteer reporters – project for popularization volunteering through publication the organization’s newsletter, brochures, social media advertizing and utilization of innovative and interactive tool for sharing information on volunteer projects on a existing platform: www. dobrovolec.bg.

Ongoing activities:
Movie nights (once every two weeks), CVS uni (once every two weeks) and WG joint meetings (once a month); international evenings (once a month)

Long term project: Warm welcome project – project for daily tutoring of refugee youth; organizing special workshops, celebration of national holidays. 1 year 3 EVS volunteers Local community Youth in Action Coordinators, trainers, mentors, volunteers in WGs,
staff to submit the project, supervisors Position title:
Coordinator of the Social working group at CVS - Bulgaria

Project description: The two main areas of the Social WG coordinator’s work are to coordinate the Social working group in implementing the project “A warm welcome” and participate, along with the other 2 EVS volunteers in the regular event in the CVS – Bulgaria office. “A warm welcome” is a project that helps refugee youth with their daily learning assignments, organizes workshops and joint celebrations in the Integrational center for refugees aimed to better integration of youth refugees and their families in the Bulgarian society. There will be 20 volunteers-members of the Social WG who will go on a daily basis in the center and work with refugee youth.

Coordinator’s main tasks:
-to recruit, coordinate and supervise the work of the Social working group;
-to plan and the daily activities and special events organized by the of the WG work;
-to daily monitor the implementation of activities in the Integrational center for refugees;
-to organize regular meetings of the WG (once a month)
-to organize mid-term and final evaluation
-to organize (along with the other 2 EVS volunteers) joint meetings of the three working groups
Requirements and qualifications:
- at least 21 years old
-English language + motivation to learn Bulgarian
-strong leadership skills
-previous experience in volunteer project coordination and/or volunteer management
-desire and skill for working with youth
-team work ability
-ability and responsibility to work independent after the initial training
-deadline orientation
-tolerance towards different cultures
Working hours:
-30 working hours per week (2 hours daily in the Integrational center and the rest divided according to tasks – may include working in the weekends or evenings)
Accountability and supervision:
-The volunteer will be supported and supervised by the assigned member of the steering board and the Volunteer coordinator of CVS – Bulgaria
-The EVS volunteer will have to prepare a monthly report and discuss it with the Volunteer coordinator on a monthly staff meetings
-A mentor will be assigned to assist the integration of the EVS volunteer
- 1 year – September 2013 – September 2014
-CVS – Bulgaia’s office, Sofia
-Integrational center for refugees, Sofia
- Orientation about CVS Bulgaria, its activities and the networks it is part of (SCI International and SEEYN)
- Volunteer management training (2 weeks)
- Intensive Bulgarian course (ongoing)
- Orientation on specifics of the work with refugee youth
- On arrival, midterm and final evaluation provided by the National agency
- improving coordination skills
-improving volunteer management skills
-Youth pass certificate
Food: 100 EUR will be provided every month to cover food expenses.
Accommodation: Provided (room in a shared apartment with other EVS volunteer)
Pocket money: 115 EUR per month
Insurance: AXA Insurance provided Volunteer profile Volunteer Activities MAKE IT, NOT FAKE IT RECRUITMENT TARGETED (we look for a volunteer with specific skills to answer to the profile qualifications) and CONCENTRIC CIRCLE (Volunteers will be recruited within the frame of SCI and SEEYN networks: we count on partner organizations to disseminate the info about the project among their active volunteers) -Selection criteria: 1. coordinator’s experience; 2. solving the case study 3. Motivation letter 4. Background check (to get advice from a project related person who knows the applicant). The decision makers (commission of three people: the Volunteer coordinator, 2 Steering board members) will have to grade the applicant based on this 4 criteria and each applicant will have an average note that will grade him in the list of applicants. Each applicant will receive a personal message on the outcome of the selection within two weeks after the skype interview. Recruitment message: If you are looking for an EVS project which will contribute to the better education and integration of refugee youth then the following position may appeal to you: Coordinator of a Social working group, part of the group EVS project: Make it, not fake it! During the project you will be involved in organizing the implementation of a tutoring project for refugee youth for a year at the Integrational center for refugees in Sofia, Bulgaria. You will have the chance to extend your leadership skills, improve your managing skills and get an opportunity to run a project that matters to the local community and make difference! We are looking for a person who is at least 21 years old, has a good level of spoken and written English language + motivation to learn Bulgarian; has strong leadership skills and previous experience with project coordinating. Extensive training and Bulgarian language course are secured. Now read this message carefully again and if it perfectly describes your image of a great EVS year, please visit www.cvs-bg.org where you can find more information about the project, a detailed volunteer position and applying procedure. If you still have doubts or questions, please contact Vera Nikolova at vera@cvs-bg.org. Hurry up to “Make it, not fake it” cause the deadline is 31st November! ORIENTATION AND TRAINING 3 weeks - Orientation about CVS Bulgaria, its activities and the networks it is part of (SCI International and SEEYN)
- Volunteer management training (2 weeks)
- Intensive Bulgarian course (ongoing)
- Orientation on specifics of the work with refugee youth
- On arrival, midterm and final evaluation provided by the National agency Implementation of project Support, supervision and monitoring Final EVALUATION Motivation and recognition ON- arrival EVALUATION Mid -term EVALUATION Motivation and Recognition: •On-going training
•Monitor and give them free space
•Organize parties and group activities
•Let them go deeper into the organization and give them some priorities
•Youth pass
•Dinner for good volunteers
•Birthday surprise parties
•Opportunity to present their work in front of people Support, supervision and monitoring:

•On-Arrival Qualitativeanalysis
•Mentor available for the integration of the EVS volunteer
•Coordinator of the 3 EVS volunteers
•Monthly meetings with the coordinator and reports
•Group meetings with the other EVS volunteers , evaluation and reflection on monthly basis
•Mid-Term qualitative analysis Budget: A lot of money or MONTH 1:
• Orientation and Training
• Intensive Bulgarian language course
• Recruitment of WGs
• Recruitment of WGs
• Program of the activities in the IC
• Group Meeting
• Joint Meeting for all the WGs
MONTH 3 to 10:
• Implementation of activities in the IC
• Monthly meeting
• Joint meeting
• International evening

MONTH 11 to 12:
• End of project in the IC
• Final evaluation and debriefing of the project
• Report on the results
• Joint meeting
• Small actions
• Research on cooperation with the Centre for people with disabilities
• Setting up a project for with the Centre for people with disabilities
• Coordinate one WC
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