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Pedagoo SW Closing the Gap Marking

Edited version of Prezi for Pedagoo SW on 14th June 2014

Chris Hildrew

on 14 June 2014

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Transcript of Pedagoo SW Closing the Gap Marking

the Gap

Marking and

To improve effectiveness of marking and assessment through:
Public Critique
Triple-Impact Marking
To explore ways of marking effectively
spending more time...

Effective Assessment
Public Critique
Write a Haiku
Establish the criteria
e.g. A Haiku is a poem with three lines
The syllable pattern is 5 - 7 - 5
A haiku brings two striking images/ideas together
It is usually about nature
Write a haiku which
follows those rules
Put your work out
Leave post-it feedback
Collect your work and feedback
Reflect on the critique
Redraft and improve
Triple Impact Marking
Managing Marking Workload
The Gap...
Assess learning;
Receive feedback
Act on and learn
from feedback
Build on learning
with new input
Put learning in
context with tasks
and activities
1. Self Assess
2. Teacher Assess
Highlight what you are proud of
Write a comment explaining how you
have met the criteria
Point out errors and how to improve
Set specific tasks / ask questions
DIRT is time when student should complete specific tasks in response to feedback to improve their work
This could be responding to questions set by the teacher in a comment
"Why do you think x is the case?"
"Please explain y more fully."

It could also be a specific task that students should complete at the teacher's direction
Please rewrite the paragraph marked * so your argument is clearer
Go back and label your diagram clearly
Make three changes to your work so you meet the criteria for a B grade / level 7 (if you have any idea what these criteria are...)
What is the key ingredient to make DIRT work?
Effective Feedback
In order for feedback to be effective and useful:
• Student receives the feedback
• Student has time to use the feedback
• Student is willing and able to use the feedback



Regular, high quality marking will:
• Help students to get better
• Build positive relationships (they see that you care)
• Improve presentation
• Allow you to evaluate teaching and improve your planning
• Make students value what they do (they know you’ll read it)
• Improve behaviour (you are a teacher with high expectations)

OR... (as Phil Beadle says)
You can turn up hung-over every morning, wearing the same creased pair of Farahs as last week, with hair that looks like a bird has slept in it, then spend most of the lesson talking at kids about how wonderful your are; but mark their books with dedication and rigour and your class will fly.
Building a feedback culture where all feedback is hard on the content, soft on the person
References and
Further reading:


Prezi compiled by @chrishildrew

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