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Alden Hultgren

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Agenda


Impact The 6 Stages

30/60/90 Day Plan

Key Takeaways


The Early Days....
Graduated from
CU Boulder
Leeds School of Business - Finance and Information Systems

Ernst and Young
- Technology and Security Risk IT Consultant

East West Partners

How my EBR Experience will make me a better manager...

What the early days taught me and how my experiences can make me a better manager....

1) The importance of goal setting.

2) Having a system to manage the sales process is vital.

3) The dynamics of managing a team.

4) Strong technical background

1) The importance of

2) The importance of having a

3) Working as a team and
sharing success

4) The importance of getting connected with
the right people

5) How to
use the app
to manage my business efficiently

6) What kind of manager I want to be
How my ISV AE Experience will make me a better manager...
1) Successful POD relationship

2) Focused and diligent process

3) Exposed to a lot of deals, big and small

4) Don't wait to be trained - be proactive

5) Teach to make an impact outside the role

6) Take Ownership. Treat the territory like your business.

87 New Apps
118% Quota Attainment
171% Territory YOY Growth # of Apps
146% Territory YOY Growth ACV
1st ISV prospecting plan

How I can Impact the 6 Stages
Stage - 1
Stage 2 -
- Minimize the time between each step by requiring
quality work
every step

- Drive
successful partnership strategy

on technical proposal and successful pricing strategies

Develop a mutual plan
with the partner
Stage 3 -
How can I help my team get through the contract and approvals process?
Stage 4 -
How can I help my team speed partners through the build phase?
Stage 5 -
In Market
How can I help my team get to the finish line?
Stage 6 -
First Report
How can I help my team manage beyond the first report?
Operational Setup
- to manage Stage 1 Pipeline
Find the quality partners
among the noise
- Put together a
prospecting plan
and execute

Why my experience in ISV Operations will help me as a manager...
Understand key metrics
management looks at day in and day out
My attitude
: See a challenge and tackle it, don't just complain about it
Thorough understanding of dashboards,
apps and can transfer that knowledge
Great relationships
across the organization
comp and territory
process inside and out
How can I help my team Qualify Partners?
How can I help my team assess partners?
- Thoroughly
vet deals
before they go through the approvals process.

Increase the quality of work
going to the approvals team.

- Ensure team can efficiently
track and manage
all of their deals in approvals

- Determine if team is
managing the "internal sale"
and all necessary parties are involved an engaged
Legal handbook so reps are better educated about the partner agreements and they can better educate the non-legal contacts at the partner.
Require each territory put together their detailed prospecting plan. And setup process of tracking in the app.
The mutual plan should be used for each partners so you can track where your partners are beyond just next steps.
Encourage tight POD alignment

No "waiting on security review"

Don't wait for security review to be completed. Ensure all partners have LMA, business org, requested Environment Hub, Sign-up API configured.
- Be an adviser to the AEs and the Partners

- Are the AEs using internal resources?

Kick off meetings with Partners and ISV team for Mid to Top Tier Partners to ensure alignment.
Connect the dots:
Focus on helping to speed things along in the deal cycle
Pipeline Visibility:

Push reps to have thorough visibility into the partner's pipeline
Prospect inside:
Find new opportunities with existing partners..THINK BIG!
Partner Dashboards - Orders, opportunities, pipeline, AE activities, big deals
Create Operational Visibility

- Setup dashboards and reports to have the visibility I need to manage
- Introduce and train team on the mutual plan approach
Familiarize myself with Partners and Pipeline

- Thorough review of all deals in the pipeline
- Any areas I can jump in and help early, start hopping on calls and attend meetings
- Review partner deals that were recently approved to understand a variety of pricing strategies
Who is on the team

- Understand how each POD is working together (AEs, TE, POM)
- Individual AE Goal Setting - Personal and Professional
- Knowledge transfer from previous manager
- Ability to help AEs understand specific strengths and weaknesses and craft an individual plan
- Understand FY hiring plan. Meet and greet with ES/Recruiters to develop a plan
Refine Operational Focus

- Now that I understand the landscape, find key metrics, refine day-to-day engagement with the team
- Show don't tell - Begin the knowledge transfer process

Be Deal Driven

- Start to dive into the deals
- Continue learning process regarding recent deal strategy

Align with Internal Resources

- Meet with each person on the Accelerate/BD team, marketing (AMP), sponsorship team to ensure I understand how the team can leverage their assistance.

Build the Dream Team

- Identify the people who need more help, identify where the gaps are and put a plan in place to execute
- Jump on calls with partners and get a feel for whether or not there are knowledge gaps based on AE content delivery

Drive ACV and First Reports

- By now I'm familiar with the pipeline. Where can I get involved to escalate, advocate to drive first reports and ACV?

Continue Developing the Team

- Execute on the plans that were put in place as part of the 60 day plan and make everyone A players.
- Review mutual plans to ensure adoption across team
- Review and execute on the hiring plan

Find companies
Build-out accounts and identify key contacts
Craft BASHO emails
Record all activity in the app
Especially at the TE/POM to ensure once application is built and through sec review the partner is ready to transact
Review collateral, Go-To-Market plan, Beta Customers
Work with the AEs to ensure their partners messaging is on point
Help the team connect the dots
Does the partner have a focused and addressible target market?
Have they engaged the Accelerate/BD team
Is the partner connected with marketing?
Have they completed App Academy and attended office hours?
Influence Partner Success

- Be a resource to help in deals

-SAS70, Sarbanes Oxley and Financial Audit Support for Fortune 500
-Designed and implemented Salesforce.com - Used to track over $600M in Sales
-Top 30 Under 30
Realtors in the Country
Alden's ISV Manager Preso
How I plan to lead...
Train the next generation of Field AEs

Dig into what makes the "A players" successful and programmatize it

Challenge the "A players" to think more strategically, get out of the comfort zone

For the "C Players"...find the gaps and bridge them

For POD relationships that aren't working, determine issue and resolve ASAP

Make sure the Field AE knows its a mentor/mentee situation

Drive home the importance of the mutual plan, account plan, prospecting plan
Words to live by
Focus on deals, not operations

Trust but Verify (thank you Begin) at all stages both internally and externally.

Know what they know.

Focus on getting the work done not why you can’t get it done

Don’t tell them to do something, show them.

Hold the team accountable for the quality of work and high level success…not just how they are performing against their comp plan

We need more positive reinforcement around here!
Success Means...
Being a true sales manager, not an operational manager

AEs are acheiving their goals

Sticking to the plan and executing every day

Decreasing the amount of time it takes for a partner to first report...and continue reporting

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