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Chinese And Japanese Poetry


Amaechi Konkwo

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Chinese And Japanese Poetry

-a short poem that consists of five lines of five, seven, five, seven, and seven syllables.

-a pause in the poem often indicated by punctuation in English translations.

Literary Elements

Mood- the overall feeling the poem creates
Speaker- the person narrating the poem
the man going to see the girl
Form- any number of set styles of poem with the rules that govern the creating of the poem

Poetry Analysis Points

To me, this poem is describing the night a man went to see his wife or girlfriend
Tsurayuki wants to show that the man loves the girl so much that he would travel through the worst weather to see her.


His Tosa Diary helped to establish the Japanese Tradition of the literary diary.
The Tosa Diary details a 55 day journey returning to Kyoto from the Tosa province, where Tsurayuki was the govenor
Ki Tsurayuki died in 945

Author: Ki Tsurayuki (cont.)

By: Amaechi Konkwo

Chinese and Japanese Poetry

When I went to visit
The girl I love so much.
That winter night
The river blew so cold
That the plovers were crying.

When I Went to Visit
By: Ki Tsurayuki

Born sometime in 872
Was the chief aid of Japanese Emperor Daigo
He was not only one of the best poets of his time, he was also one of the best critics and diarists.
Assembled the Kokinshu, an anthology containing over eleven hundred poems written during the Heian Age.

Author: Ki Tsurayuki

Caesura (Period)

Keep in mind the poem is translated from the Japanese language, so what may seem like 5 syllables to us, could be different to them.

When I went to visit (5 syllables)
The girl I love so much. (7 syllables)
That winter night (5 syllables)
The river blew so cold (7 syllables)
That the plovers were crying. (7 syllables)
Literary Elements in the Poem
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