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Child Soldiers

No description

jacob lapsley

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Child Soldiers

By: jacob burns
Zain Lapsley CHILD SOLDIERS How we can help THE END Every day thousands of children are forced into conflict and many are killed Websites such as UNICEF and Child Soldiers international take donations and use them to protect children in countries where they might be forced into becoming a soldier In some countries, such as Uganda, Ethiopia and Rwanda child soldiers are a unit of the Government. Class
82 Over to 2 000 000 children have been killed fighting as soldiers And that number is still growing Even in more developed countries such as Russia, Child soldiers are still being deployed. Employing children as soldiers must stop. Children die just so that adults can stop a political argument. Does that sound right to you? Look at this kid, he should be out playing with friends. Instead, he's shooting and working in a job that could literally be the death of him The most depressing picture of all time... THE END THE END THE END How many more children need to die before we realize this needs to stop? None. We can stop this now if we try.
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