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No description

Brooke McNally

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of MAKEUP

Calyx Rose
How do you feel without makeup?
"I feel pretty without makeup and don't normally wear any, I think it just enhances what you already have for when you want to put your best foot forward"
What do you like about makeup?
"I like makeup because i think playing with new looks is really fun and exciting!"
The "Edgy" Girl
Paige Welsh
How do you feel without makeup?
"Without makeup i feel naked! Which makes sense considering you use clothes and makeup to cover yourself, enhance your favorite features and cover your imperfections."
What do you like about makeup?
"I like that it's like a mask, you can portray whatever character you want of yourself to the world. You can get into your professional character with some conservative makeup for an interview, or get into your partying character with a smokey eye. Experimenting with makeup and your character is fun!"
The "Girly Girl" Makeup

Beth Young
How do you feel without makeup?
"When i don't have makeup on i just feel dull. It's like wearing all grey there's no personality to me."
What do you like about makeup?
"I like that I can express what kind of personality I have! Makeup is just another appearance aspect that helps express what type of person you are."
The Fun "Party Girl" Makeup
Sabrina Mayer
What I Did!
For my project I interviewed 4 of my friends on what their thoughts were on makeup. I also did their makeup to match their characters.
I believe makeup falls under Sigmund Freud's Theory of art for art's sake, its for pure enjoyment and personal expression. I believe makeup is an escape you can go to that is not permanent and you can experiment with different characters and aspects of self, and then show it to the world or just wash it off and start over. I love makeup because it is a creative outlet to have fun, and get the creativity flowing.

Here are some examples below of people expressing their character through makeup.

Scene Makeup, Professional Makeup, Diva Edgy Makeup, Simple Laid back makeup, Party fun makeup, and preppy makeup. Makeup helps you tryout different characters and showcase your own for others to see at first glance.
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Internet Sources

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How do you feel without makeup?
"I think I look fine without makeup and i don't wear it on a regular basis, just whenever i feel like trying out a look i'll wear it.
What do you like about makeup?
"Its just fun to do and fun to show other people my style. Whenever i feel bored i love doing crazy diva makeup or something i normally wouldn't wear, its fun to escape and experiment."
The "Bronze Beach Babe" Makeup
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