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Back to School Night 2017-2018

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on 25 September 2018

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Transcript of Back to School Night 2017-2018

Goals for First Grade Students
BTSN 2018-2019
Language Arts
Our Language Arts curriculum is titled Benchmark Advance and is aligned with Common Core State Standards. Benchmark Advance offers many highly engaging activities and books to help students become successful readers. We use this curriculum along with Daily Five work centers to meet the Language Arts standards for first grade. Daily Five includes Word Work, Work on Writing, Read to Self, Listen to Reading, and Read to Others.
Writer's Workshop
Lucy Calkins Writer's Workshop is an open ended style of Writer's Workshop where students have choice in what they are writing and move through the writing process at a pace that is appropriate for each student. Students are able to decide on the topic they'd like to write about, while still fitting into each genre of writing that is being covered, and still meeting our Common Core Standards. The genres of writing we study and learn to write in are Narrative, Informative, and Opinion.
Social Studies
Units for the year are Being a Good Community Member, Goods and Services, Memorials, Buildings, Landmarks and the people and events they honor, and important historical figures.
Eureka Math
Our math curriculum is Eureka Math (formerly EngageNY) and is aligned to the Common Core State Standards. There is heavy emphasis on academic vocabulary and the development of critical thinking skills through the use of manipulatives and group and partner discussions.
Welcome to First Grade!
Build self-esteem
Listen carefully and follow directions
Treat others respectfully
Put forth best effort at all times
Begin to develop independent skills
Meet grade-level expectations
Arts and Engineering
Throughout the school year we will be learning about a variety of different artists and the styles they worked in. We will also be doing a variety of engineering design projects both in the classroom and in our Makerspace.
Units for the year are Plants and Animals Grow and Change, Technology at Work, Observing the Sky, Exploring Sound and Light, and Weather (these are integrated through Benchmark Advance, our Language Arts curriculum)
It is important that you check your child's backpack and folder DAILY. We send a weekly newsletter home with important information, as well as other important notices.

If you need to reach me please feel free to send me an email at kmusselman@pleasantvalleysd.org or message me through "Remind". I'm happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have! Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Parent Conferences will take place October 17th-21th
Students should expect approximately 10-15 minutes of daily homework, Mondays through Thursdays, that should be completed and returned to school each Friday. In addition to the weekly homework packet, your child should read for at least 10-15 minutes four days a week. Once reading levels have been determined, books will be sent home each week for your child to read.
Classroom Management
Building a positive classroom community where everyone is working to make sure everyone is successful.
Classroom Expectations are: Everyone is Safe, Everyone is Respected, and Everyone is Learning.
Responsive Classroom techniques are used to help our students learn why certain behaviors are appropriate/inappropriate and how they help us learn/hinder our learning.
Each student will be receiving a large plastic envelope for home reading. The books sent home in this folder are books meant to be read by an adult to your child. These books may be read at a pace that works for your family. Please be careful to keep track of the book and envelope that your child brings home. Your child will only be allowed to pick a new book when they return the previous one they read.
Primary Hour
(After School Literacy Program)
This is a supplemental program that assists children in reading and writing. After classroom assessments are completed, teachers will determine which children would benefit most from the program. Students who attend the program will stay after school from 1:57-2:55 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. If you child qualifies for the program, you will receive a permission slip to fill out and return to school.
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