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Copy of Using Prezi

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on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Using Prezi

Signing Up and the Basics of your
first Prezi 1: Go to Prezi.com and click on Sign up
A. Make sure to select Teacher and Student License

Next, click on the Green one that says $0/Month
*You must use your school email address to create your account. I cannot show you the next screen because I already have an account with my email address, but you will need to provide the school's website and some other information.

*I am pretty sure you will need to verify your email using a link that Prezi emails to you. Embedding Your Prezi
And Printing Out Slides To embed your Prezi onto your teacher site or any other site, you will need the HTML Code. James D'Annibale and Bonnie Horsey Steps of Making a Prezi Inserting Pictures, Videos, and Files Click on Insert Importing PowerPoints and
Using Templates If you have a PowerPoint that you currently use and you would like to import it to Prezi, click Insert link and click on PowerPoint
A window will open and you find your PowerPoint file. 2. Click on this button:

Then choose your Template. For today, please choose Blank.

We will use Non-Blank templates LATER 3. Learn the Basics
Clicking anywhere will bring up your text editor 4. Use the Path
If you click "Edit Path" it will allow you to click on items (or text) to add it to your path of slides. Within the Path, you can click and drag slides to change the order that they will appear.
*You must have clicked Edit Path in order to add items or drag slides. 5: Create Frames: Frames are used to group multiple items together into 1 slide. Once a frame is made, you can edit all items within a frame together. This includes: size, rotation, and spot in path.
There are all kinds of different frames but we will use Bracket Frames to practice. To make a Bracket Frame: Click on This will bring up this menu: Click on Draw Bracket Frame You can then click and drag
over the area that you want your frame to cover.
*Make sure you include all items that you want within the frame. Now that we understand how to make text and add frames, this video will show you how to re-size, rotate, etc. You may also wish to play around with arrows, lines, and highlighting. You can find these in the Frames and Arrows menu. They are very easy to use. This is a Memory Diagram for my Psychology Class. Made Completely on Prezi Images and Videos being embedded right into your Prezi may keep your kids off of their cell phones.
They might actually be interested in the lesson. From a file on your computer, or Google Images Like the cell phone By getting the share link under "share" on youtube Music files can be added to either play continuously or something different for each slide (not going to cover this today) Caution: Videos do take a while to upload You can add items like an image from one Prezi into your "collection" with right click-Add to my collection. They can then be used in other Prezis This will be a little later. Adding an Image: Click on Insert then Image If searching Google, it will look like this: To Insert a Youtube Video:
Find the link for the video and copy it. Next click on Insert and select Youtube video and paste your url. Just to warn you, some commercially made videos like official music videos will not allow you to embed them. If this happens, just keep it open on another tab and switch back to Prezi when you're done.
Now watch this video and see if you can get the right answer. Capital Punishment There are five methods of execution a state could use
Lethal Injection
Gas Chamber
Firing Squad

It is the state’s choice which method they use Methods Definition- execution; putting a condemned person to death

Currently, 34 states have the death penalty
Dec. 2007- New Jersey was the first state in 40 years to outlaw capital punishment

March 1, 2005- Supreme Court banned all juvenile executions for crimes committed before their 18th birthday Capital Punishment in the U.S. Until the 1890s, hanging was the primary method of execution in the United States.
The weight of the person and length of the rope is calculated in order to ensure that the drop will cause a person’s neck to break and thus ensure a quicker death.
Two states (New Hampshire and Washington) have hanging as an option, however lethal injection is the primary use. Hanging The condemned are strapped to a chair in an airtight room. They are then asked to breathe deeply as they inhale cyanide gas.

There is some question over how painful this method of execution is.

All states that have gas as an execution method also have lethal injection. Gas Chamber The first electric chair was used in 1890.

Some states still allow a prisoner to choose electrocution or will use it if lethal injection is not available.

There have been some state Supreme Courts that have ruled electrocution is unconstitutional (cruel and unusual punishment). Electrocution Oklahoma offers firing squad only if lethal injection & electrocution are ruled unconstitutional.

Person is strapped to a chair and his heart is marked with a cloth target. Firing Squad The most commonly used method of execution

The condemned is secured on a gurney and injected with several drugs

Pennsylvania has the death penalty and uses this method Lethal Injection Your powerpoint will appear with a green checkmark. Position your powerpoint where you want it and click that green checkmark. If I had checked "Add a path..." then each of my powerpoint slides would show up in my Path bar on the left. There are also templates you can use without importing a Prezi. You can use them in two ways.
1. Start your Prezi with a template (this option is there at the beginning)
2. Make your slides and then put them into a template (See next few slides) Click Template If you do not like the preview, just hit cancel. Exit the Prezi Editor then do the following: To print your slides: go back into the editor and click Share then download as pdf. It will then look like it's counting your slides. Once it's done counting your pages, click save and save it as Nameoflesson.pdf
so this lesson would be - Usingprezi.pdf
*put .pdf in the file name! When printing these slides for your students, print "multiple pages per sheet" and I usually go with 6 per sheet.
If your slides are not spaced out very much, it will look to your students like slides are getting cut off... They are NOT being cut off. The next slide will have what they think is being cut off. There are plenty more features to play with. Ask For help
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