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College Research

No description

Allyson Chandler

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of College Research


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I, the amazing Allyson Chandler, picked this College because I want to study to be a teacher and I have heard that this is one of best school in Arkansas for studying education.
Map of the College to
the right.
Why did I pick this College?
Scholarships generaly amount to$3,000.
Financial Aid and Scholarships
Map of College
UCA is a College in Conway, Arkansas. UCA
Description of College
by Allyson Chandler
College History
Surrounding Area Activities
Application Process
Social Activities
On Campus Living
10 Interesting Facts
Studies have shown that students who stay in the dorms keep a higher grade point average. Living in the dorms will give you better access to the library, cafeteria, and computer labs.
In state student pay $5,498 to go to college in UCA. This is $5,502 less than paying for other Universities.
Studies show that students who live in the dorms keep a higher grade point average.
Founded in 1907
The school colors are purple and grey.
The mascot is the bear.
There are 8 men's sports.
There are 9 women's sports
UCA former name, Arkansas State Normal School.
Located in Conway, Arkansas.
The campus is 350 acres.
It is 30 miles away from Little Rock.
Some of UCA's activities include over 200 clubs that help to mold them into better students of UCA.
Colleges and departments business.
Fine arts and communication
Health and behavioral Sciences
Liberal Arts
Natural Science and Mathmatics
Pizza Hut
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