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2016-2017 Year in Review

Here you will find a summary of the counseling services provided to students at Ira B. Jones Elementary School in Asheville, NC.

on 20 May 2017

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Transcript of 2016-2017 Year in Review

2016-2017 Year in Review
Ira B. Jones Elementary school
Overview of school counseling services
71 students seen for Individual counseling for 100 sessions
76 students participated in Small Group Counseling
43 Small group sessions offered
15 Lunch Bunch groups
126 Classroom Counseling lessons in grades 2-5
15 students with a Section 504 Plan
35 Radio Responses: support/crisis de-escalation for 24 students
97 Parent consultations
Asheville, NC
Grade Levels: PreK-5
Enrollment: 516
School Year: 2016-2017
Principal: Sarah Cain
School Counselor: Rachel Herrick, MA, NCC

Small Group Counseling
Google Form Tracking
Classroom Based Counseling
Individual Counseling
Staff Needs Assessment
Students identified by their teachers and/or parents as in need of some additional social skill support participated in small groups organized by grade and area of need. Groups met during lunch with 2-6 participants in each group.
Groups offered:
Friendship Skills
Managing Feelings
Building Resiliency
Social Skills
76 students participated in a small group counseling format
43 formal small group sessions were offered (with one of the aforementioned topics)
15 Lunch Bunch groups were also offered
The purpose of the google form is to track data; particularly who the school counselor is serving and in what capacity.
According to the google "Students Seen" form, I have entered 363 "responses."
Each student I have interacted with is entered into the "Students Seen" google form. Below you see a breakdown of in what form the student was seen and for what type of support.

Classroom teachers of grades 2-5 signed up for character education lessons on a monthly basis.
The Second Step, Violence Prevention Curriculum, was provided for ALL Kindergarten and First grade classes on a weekly basis as part of the specialist rotation.
ALL K-5 classes received a lesson on cyber-bullying, co-taught by the counselor and digital lead teacher.
ALL K-5 classes received personal safety lessons led by an educator from the Mountain Child Advocacy Center.
310 classroom counseling lessons in grades K-5
31 staff members completed a beginning of the year survey that included understanding of school counselor's role, school improvement and PBIS needs.
96.7% understand the role of the School Counselor (SC)
93.5% believe the SC helps students to develop socially and emotionally
93.5% believe the program helps enhance academic achievement for all students
71 students seen individually
19 students seen for 2 or more sessions
35 radio responses for support and/crisis de-escalation for 24 students
Some students identified by their teachers and/or parents as in need of additional social/emotional support were referred for individual counseling. Some students were:
seen by me individually for 2+ sessions
checked-in with either by request from an adult or by student request
referred to School-based therapy (A Caring Alternative)
supported through a small group format.
Parents were notified of individual counseling services and in some cases referrals for outside agencies and therapists were offered.
Asheville City Schools staff - click the link for a more detailed overview of the survey responses.
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